Dear Chris

One of the final tasks on any window or door installation is to apply a perimeter sealant, where the cost of materials is a matter of a few £’s in comparison to the £000’s charged for the overall installation. So surely, the industry as a whole should be adopting the very best sealants, to ensure the finishing on the installation not only looks good, but is there to perform for the long-term.

Our experience and rigorous testing as the UK’s largest independent sealant manufacturer has shown that there is a significant difference in performance between silicones. Shrinkage and discolouration are two obvious issues with inferior silicones and so we believe that the adoption of proven and branded sealants is necessary throughout the industry.

There’s also the consideration of the latest, new generation hybrid sealants that offer a number of additional performance credentials. This can be seen with our HY-SPEC® 25, a technological advancement for installers that’s paintable and was so warmly received at the recent FIT Show.

As much as the technologies in IGU’s, window and door systems etc have moved on over the years, so to have modern day sealants. Therefore, before you or your fitting teams “gun up” next time, it might be worth considering the quality of silicone used, or you may even wish to embrace the latest hybrids, that can even be applied in damp conditions.

Ultimately, we have a duty of care to the consumer that must be upheld and given the modest ticket price of sealants, it’s also a low-cost investment for everyone’s future.

Yours sincerely

Gary Thomas

Commercial Director

Hodgson Sealants


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