SAFER Bi-Folding door deliveries…..

Handling and moving big, heavy and  cumbersome Aluminium Bi-folding doors is not a task you would expect just anyone to do, but according to Made for Trade this is something the industry has turned a blind eye to for many years. Fraught with danger this is an accident waiting to happen when drivers are  expected to offload often large doors on site unaided. Making for a safer way is a question Made for Trade have grappled with for years although they have done everything possible to ensure safety of drivers and staff at all times and thankfully no incidents of anyone being hurt.

With ever increasing sales volumes of Aluminum Bi Folding doors, the decision was taken to add 12 new delivery vehicles to the fleet and with it setting the engineering department the task of improving the the safe on and offloading of the Bi-folding doors….this has successfully been achieved with a full re-design of the way vehicles are loaded and offloaded. All doors are lowered to ground level with an onboard crane thus avoiding all manual handling and possible injury to new and existing customers nationwide and valued employees.

Richard Gaunt

Made for Trade


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