Picture above: Safestyle’s recycling centre at Wombwell, Barnsley.


▪ Safestyle the UK’s No.1 Doors and Windows business recycles 95% of all materials removed from a customer’s home

▪ Has lowered the carbon footprint of its entire UK vehicle fleet

▪ Is committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 10% by 2024

Safestyle UK, one of Yorkshire’s largest employers, today stepped up its drive to further reduce its impact on the environment, pledging to eliminate all waste to landfill and to reduce carbon emissions by 10% by 2024.

Bradford and Sheffield based Safestyle already re-uses or recycles 95% of all materials removed from customers’ homes during installations. In 2020, this meant 5,253 tonnes of post-consumer waste was recycled by the Company, the equivalent weight of 28 Boeing airliners.

The Company’s CO2 emissions per frame installed in 2020 have reduced by 6.1% versus 2019 and here too the CO2 per frame will reduce by 10% by 2024.

As part of its efforts to embed sustainability across all operations, Safestyle has also achieved ongoing reductions in energy consumption at its major UK manufacturing site at Wombwell near Sheffield, through its furnace energy usage reduction programme. This has reduced energy consumption by over 25%.

From left to right, Shaw Bowden, Manufacturing & Engineering Leader at Safestyle & Andy Holdsworth, Recycling Cell Leader at Safestyle

With Safestyle’s windows and doors installers travelling up and down the country, the Company is also improving the carbon footprint of its vehicle fleet. It is now halfway through replacing its recognisable fleet of 333 vans across the UK. Each new van produces 8% less CO2 emissions than the previous model which will make an important contribution in reducing the environmental impact of the business.

Mike Gallacher, CEO of Safestyle, said: “Safestyle wants to lead the industry in protecting the environment by reducing our carbon footprint and embedding sustainability across our operations. Our customers increasingly value our approach to the environment and recognise the difference it can make.

Customers are sometimes surprised that 95% of all materials removed from their homes by us are already re-used or recycled and we believe that our investments in recycling set the standard for the industry. We have now confirmed that we want to go further and eliminate all waste to landfill by 2024 while also cutting our carbon footprint by 10%.

New windows and doors already make a big contribution to improving home insulation and reducing our customers’ impact on the environment. The further steps we are taking now will build on the fantastic progress we have made already.”

Shaw Bowden, Manufacturing & Engineering Leader at Safestyle, said: “Recycling makes a huge contribution to the environment. The use of recycled materials reduces the level of mining and mineral extraction across the globe thus minimising impact on the landscape and local eco-systems. Manufacturing with recycled materials can also reduce energy consumption leading to a reduction in CO2 emissions. From a customer point of view, using Safestyle guarantees that their ‘end of life’ windows and doors will be entered into the recycling chain and that they are playing their part in saving the environment.”

Andy Holdsworth, Recycling Cell Leader at Safestyle, added: “I’ve been proud to see the increase in recycling we have achieved over the last three years and I’m determined as a cell leader to push this even further over the next few years, knowing me and my team are making a difference every day to the environment.”



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