The premises of Holdens Supaseal, manufacturer of high performance glass units, required numerous repairs to its window and door systems. With the existing products being over 30 years old, the company recognised the numerous benefits of upgrading them instead and for this, chose Sapa Building System’s Dualframe 75 Casement Windows and Stormframe STII Commercial Door installed by Clearway Doors & Windows Ltd.

Birmingham-based Holdens Supaseal, originally just known as Holdens, was one of the first manufacturers to embrace the concept of double-glazing, becoming pioneers of the first double glazed sealed units. Today, the company, which is still operated by a fourth generation of the original family, has maintained a prominent position in the glazed unit market through customer-led product development, quality standards and high levels of customer service.

Michael Holden of Holdens Supaseal commented, “As a company, we have been in the glazing industry for over 60 years, and this has given us a great insight into the products available in the market and what can be achieved. When it came to our own window and door systems, we recognised the energy efficiency benefits of investing in new systems as opposed to repairing.”

For the premise’s entrance door, Clearway installed Sapa’s Stormframe STII door. The commercial door uses advanced polyamide thermal break technology, allowing it to achieve U values as low as 1.9W/m²k, with double-glazing easily surpassing the requirements for high traffic doors of 3.5W/m²k. The door, which is available in dual colour, has an extensive range of functional options including anti finger trap.

The product is designed to use the standard hardware and door closer options. It can accommodate glazing up to 46mm with a door size of up to 3m high. With its 65mm profile depth provides stronger overall construction making the door very robust and suitable for high traffic areas. In addition, the door is tested to the relative clauses within “PAS24: 2012” and is “2010 Equality Act Compliant”.

466A2948Alongside the Stormframe STII door, Clearway also installed Sapa’s Dualframe 75 Casement windows. With its contemporary design, the Dualframe system is ideal for both new build and refurbishment projects. Key for Holdens was the product’s superior thermal performance in terms of thermal insulation and air permeability; in fact, where required, Dualframe 75 Casement can achieve an ‘A’ Window Energy Rating.

Michael continued, “Quality standards are the heart of our business, so when we were looking to upgrade the windows and door, this needed to be a key element in the products we chose. We are extremely pleased with the finished products in terms of their fitting, which was quick and efficient, as well as their high performance and excellent aesthetics.”

Jeremy Phillips of Clearway Doors and Windows Ltd commented, “It’s been great to be able to work with our supplier, Holdens Supaseal, on their own install and knowing that we have installed products, which will meet their needs for years to come. Upgrading windows and doors is certainly an investment but when chosen right, it can pay dividends.”

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