4HDV Kombimatec NewSo impressed with the Kombimatec 4HDV/140 Four Combination Head Welder they already owned, Scotland-based manufacturer Perfect Glazing decided to double up and pick up another one.

As one of the most respected manufacturers and suppliers of windows, doors and conservatories in the UK, Perfect Glazing knew exactly what they wanted when searching for a new welder to help ease the increased demand for their products. Informing Kombimatec of their need for a new welder, it only made sense they purchase another of same being they were so impressed with it first time around.

Besides being easy to use and simple to maintain, the Kombimatec 4HDV/140 welder features individual start buttons for each head, has total flexibility – four heads can be used together or they can be used in numerous other combinations – and it adapts quickly when changing between corners, transom & cross welding. Providing greater fabrication flexibility than ever before, Perfect Glazing Director David Singh was quick to admit that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

“The reason we picked up the same welder as before was all down to the first one being one of the most reliable machines we’ve ever had,” Singh claims. “Also, any parts needed to help maintain its reliability have always been pretty easy to obtain.”

Touching briefly upon the customer service aftercare demonstrated by Kombimatec, Perfect Glazing’s Director adds, “Their aftercare is good in comparison to other companies, especially with us being all the way up in Scotland. They sent an engineer up when we first installed the welder, however we’ve not since required an engineer being the machine is so reliable.”