NEW Fensa_logo_248_no lineThe full costs for the FENSA MTC Card scheme have been announced.
For those installers, surveyors and installers/surveyors taking the industry experience route with the FENSA MTC Card the cost for completing the online Knowledge Test and the Onsite Assessment is £299 (ex VAT) – or just £1.15 per week*.  This includes the cost of the card, which is £30 (ex VAT).  For those complying by taking or holding relevant existing qualifications the card is an additional cost.
This currently represents the most cost-effective route for satisfying the new glazing sector Minimum Technical Competencies (MTCs) that have been introduced by government, and are effective from June 2014.
Alternatively, for those operatives that want to go down the qualifications route costs will vary depending on the qualification taken and whether government part-funding is available.  The GQA Centre to which each applicant will be allocated on joining the FENSA MTC Card scheme will be able to advise on this.
The FENSA MTC Card is operated by GGF Training Ltd.
“This may look like a lot of money, especially to glazing installers and surveyors who have previously not had to have any stated experience or qualifications,” comments FENSA Managing Director Chris Mayne.  “But this equates to just £1.15 per week over the five year validity of the FENSA MTC Card – less than the cost of half a pint of beer.  It is also far lower than the costs of satisfying MTC requirements in other construction sector professions such as electricians and gas technicians.”
There are now just ten months to go before all operatives have to satisfy the new government MTCs for the glazing sector.  Start the process now – register for your FENSA MTC Card via .
“We strongly believe that the FENSA MTC Card represents exceptional value for money – and that the launch by the government of MTCs for the replacement glazing sector will further drive up quality and professionalism in our industry,” adds Mayne.
*  The FENSA MTC Card that is issued for those operatives taking the industry experience route and successfully completing the Knowledge Test and Onsite Assessment is valid for five years.   Dividing the £299 cost over five years/260 weeks gives a weekly cost of £1.15.
About the FENSA MTC Card
Carded Experience

The FENSA MTC Card recognises levels of competence achieved through the installers’ or surveyors’ relevant industry experience – and a minimum of two years is required.

Installers and surveyors will be able to obtain a provisional card immediately upon registration but they will also be required to undertake an online Knowledge Test and Onsite Assessment that will allow a full card to be issued.  These tests and assessments will need to be completed by June 2014.

Carded Qualifications

The FENSA MTC Card can also recognise that the installer or surveyor holds relevant glazing sector qualifications – a minimum of NVQ Level 2 (installers) or Level 3 (surveyors).  Holders will have to demonstrate competence with the latest measures by being reassessed.

The FENSA MTC Card is a simple, easy and cost-effective way of recognising Minimum Technical Competence.  The holder can clearly prove that they have the experience, skills and competences to carry out the contracted job to a nationally recognised standard.

GGF Training Ltd has partnered with GQA Qualifications Ltd (Glass Qualifications Authority), which has been recognising individual competence for over 20 years in a wide range of glazing and building sectors, and will be managing and verifying this carded system.

The FENSA MTC Card recognizes and records an individuals’ qualifications or experience and shows the identity of the holder. This information can be viewed by scanning with a smart phone, revealing information held by GQA. This technology ensures the information is always up to date.  The card is held by the individual and is transferrable across employers and Competent Person Schemes.

MTCs work hand-in-hand with the declarations of installer and surveyor experience or qualifications made by installation companies as they transition to Certified Installer status.

If you have any queries about the FENSA MTC Card please email or telephone 020 7645 3700.