Sustainability has always been a core pillar of Sheerline’s business, but it has never been more important than now considering the UK Government’s plans to introduce a carbon levy, which has big implications for importers of carbon intensive products like aluminium.

Reports in December 2023 suggested the Carbon Levy may come into effect by 2027. While systems companies around the UK should not have been surprised by the news, many have been caught flat footed – scrambling to get themselves ready, as decarbonisation climbs the agenda, powered by a probable change of government later this year.

In terms of aluminium, it’s not just large-scale manufacturers that could be affected by the changes –this has the potential to affect businesses of all sizes. Fabricators within the fenestration industry must carefully review their suppliers ahead of time to avoid increased costs.

Imported aluminium looks set to be hit with an additional charge through the Carbon Levy. Costs that systems companies who rely on overseas supply will look to their fabricators to cover.

For Sheerline’s fabricators, there is no need to worry about the prospect of smaller margins or additional unexpected costs. This is because of the company’s strategic vision, which was developed with supply chain security and long-term sustainability in mind.

Not only is this to protect the business and ensure its longevity, but also to protect Sheerline’s valued customers. For example, sustainability means many things at Sheerline, encompassing everything from green business practices to where the materials are sourced from.

The latter is important for supply chain resilience and enables the company to proudly bear its Made in Britain membership. Sheerline’s aluminium is also sourced from within the UK to keep its carbon footprint low while removing the potential for shipping delays or import taxes.

Another element of Sheerline’s sustainability strategy is recycling. All the aluminium offcuts that can’t be used get sent back to the supplier so they can be melted, reset, and reused. This forms part of the closed-loop manufacturing process.

This approach to business operations will arguably increase in importance in the coming years. Decarbonisation is not an issue that is going to go away, and it’s not something that can be overcome half-heartedly. There are likely to be stringent targets, and consequences for those who cannot comply.

Ross Hartshorn, Technical Production Director, commented: “Sheerline is ready for the future, but many manufacturers will struggle in the coming months and years because the carbon levy has the potential to shake up the UK aluminium market, which extends to the fenestration industry.”

“Our priority is ensuring our fabricators know that when they choose Sheerline, they’re choosing simplicity. We are a one-stop supplier of whole-house premium aluminium solutions that are designed, extruded, moulded, painted, and assembled in-house. We’re the obvious choice for fabricators who want to embrace simplicity,” he added.

Fabricators interested in finding out more about working with Sheerline are invited to contact the team directly on 01332 978000, or by emailing Follow @SheerlineSystem for the latest news and updates.

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