With so many of us working from home over the past couple of years, figures for domestic break-ins have gone down during the pandemic. But, as things go back to normal, it will be the quality of security measures, rather than lack of opportunity, that keeps intruders at bay once again.

A BSI 3* Kitemarked, Secured by Design approved and Sold Secure Diamond Standard accredited locking system, UAP’s new Fullex Kinetica+ K4 has been developed to tackle the risk of break-ins and has been tested to 100,000 operations to prove the cylinder’s security effectiveness and smooth operation over years of use.

Harder to Break In

The Kinetica+ K4 has been designed with the patent-pending Fullex attack system, which prevents would-be intruders from manipulating the cam to gain access.

The cylinder has been constructed to break during an attack, protecting the lock from the outside while keeping the door locked and enabling the cylinder to remain functioning on the inside. Once the cylinder snaps, the drive bar springs forward at high speed, while dual attack rods fire sideways to prevent the drive bar from moving past a given point. The rotating cam also moves forwards independently and comes to an abrupt stop when the outer defence ring of the Kinetica cam hits the defence ring on the side of the barrel.

Once these protections have been activated, the intruder my attempt to release the cam by pushing the drive bar backwards. However, regardless of the tools in his kit or the amount of force he uses, the amount of movement is limited by the two attack rods, so the cam cannot be released in this way. He may then try to grab the drive bar, but the shaped end of the drive bar makes it virtually impossible to grab it using mould grips or plyers, because they will simply slip off the tapered ends, pushing it backwards inside the cam wall, rather than teasing it forwards. As a result, the intruder cannot manipulate or remove the cam to gain access.

The cylinder has been designed to resist various forms of attack. A strengthening bar reinforces the cylinder’s core for added protection against snapping.

Kinetica+ K4 has also been designed to overcome the risk of bumping. UAP has designed the cylinder with the patented Fullex anti-bump system, which has nickel-plated, hardened steel anti-bump pins to interrupt the timing of the locking pins when the cylinder is bumped.

The cylinder has been designed to prevent access by drilling too, with hardened steel anti-drill pins located either side of the key/ key cylinder, providing extra protection against lock manipulation, and on the exterior side of the key/ thumbturn cylinder. Anti-pick pins on each side of the cylinder also make it extremely difficult to gain access by picking the cylinder.

Safety Conscious

Each Kinetica+ K4 cylinder is supplied with three Bio+ keys and the lock has been designed as a one key solution for easy keying alike, ensuring spare key availability and affordability.

Easier to Install

Kinetica+ K4 has been designed to offer ease of installation alongside enhanced security. The lock has been designed with no ring on the cam, which makes installation faster and easier, without compromising on the level of protection provided. A single sacrificial cut-line on the outside of the cylinder ensures a more robust and durable lock with improved protection from moisture and dust ingress, while aiding ease of installation.

Supplied in plastic-free packaging in a choice of polished brass, polished chrome or satin nickel, the Kinetica+ K4 is available with a choice of key or thumbturn internal locking. The thumbturn variant has been designed with the Fullex, patent pending, Helix TT; a highly durable thumbturn that is extremely easy and smooth to use, with no need to push before turning. This not only makes it more convenient for a wider array of end users, but also safeguards against the thumbturn being left in any position other than the correct, vertical alignment.

Game Changer

A game changer for the home security market, Kinetica+ K4 from Fullex, powered by UAP, is a best in class solution that responds to known vulnerabilities while anticipating potential criminal techniques and offering ease of installation and excellent performance for the end user.



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