Whatever part of the industry you’re in it’s likely that advertising online is a key part of your marketing strategy.  When it comes to advertising online the most common platform is Google AdWords followed by BING Ads and with their measurable spend vs results it’s no wonder why these platforms are the go-to search engines when generating new business leads is required.

There are undoubtedly huge advantages to advertising online in the modern world over traditional methods, with a fantastic range of tools that search engines offer to maximise your ROI using their pay per click models, but what if it were suggested that anywhere between 10% and 30% of your advertising spend was being clicked away by people, bots and competitors in an attempt to cause budget busting wastage?

With the Google AdWords system largely relying on honesty this opens up an opportunity for unscrupulous people that engage in an activity known as click fraud to cost you dearly whilst handing themselves a huge advantage.

Roy Dovaston Click Guardian Photo copyRoy Dovaston of Click Guardian explains “Click fraud is when someone, a bot or a competitor clicks on your paid ads (Google AdWords) in attempt to deplete your daily budget.  This can be a very costly problem and this year alone our systems are running at an alarming rate or click fraud detection”.

If you’re running, or considering running an online advertising campaign utilising Google AdWords, then services such as Click Guardian Pro add a layer of detection & protection that offers a transparent and easy way to control excessive clicking behaviour.

Furthermore Click Guardian are offering a Free 14 Day Trial meaning you can see exactly how the system works and will allow you time to determine whether this increasing trend affects you.  With packages starting at just £15.00 per month you can add an extra layer of protection – you may just find that your advertising performance improves in a very short period of time!

About the Author

Having been managing Google Ads since the inception of AdWords, Roy Dovaston is the co-owner of pay per click agency and anti-click fraud specialist www.clickguardian.co.uk – In 2014 Roy realised a major issue was going undetected in the form of excessive clicks on his client’s ads.  Roy teamed up with Daniel Slay, a seasoned software and app developer to produce Click Guardian Pro, an anti-click fraud service that saves Google AdWords client’s from budget busting click fraudsters!  Since then the agency has gone from strength to strength attaining the coveted Google Certified Partner status.