PWDMALOGOThe maintenance and repair sector is a lucrative and worthwhile slice of cake worth having on your plate. Installers and manufacturers like yourself are beginning to realise the huge benefits that can be gained from the rapidly expanding sector. Many jobs can be completed within the hour and the financial rewards can be tasty. Why not fill those free days in your diary with some well paid and let’s face it, easy repair work?

Working face to face with your customers and completing a job well can really boost the uptake in both maintenance and installation  work. The best sales person (presuming you’ve done the job well) is the customer you’ve just completed a job for. Said customer will often spread the word of your services to friends and family who will, at some point, be enquiring about your services.

The Professional Window and Door Maintenance Association (PWDMA) is a great starting point to get into the maintenance and repair sector. With an annual silver membership, you are provided with:

  • A fully optimised, hosted and professional looking website.
  • An online business directory listing which will generate leads for you and traffic for your website.
  • An official PWDMA I.D card which allows a number of supplier discounts.
  • Use of the trademarked PWDMA emblem along with Van Vinyl Stickers.
  • Business & marketing support.
  • Bi Annual Membership Magazine & more.

What’s more, membership starts from just over £40 per month which represents a guaranteed return on investment both in the short and long term. Join the PWMDA success story and boost your earnings in the maintenance and repair sector today.

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