Understanding the issues, frustrations and costly inaccuracies encountered by installers at ground level is what underpins aluminium manufacturer Glideline’s success in a competitive market. Managing Director, David Pickering, gained invaluable insight into the intricacies of installation at the outset of his career, and it is this unique insider knowledge that still drives the business forward.

David was introduced to the glazing industry through working with his father as a fabricator from the age of 15. Following years of hands-on experience as an installer, combined with a personal passion for innovation and the high cost and limited availability of slim sliding doors, David was drawn to manufacturing aluminium products himself, and set up Glideline in 2016.

“Many manufacturers come from a sales background and may lack the technical knowledge that comes from hands-on experience in installation and manufacturing,” he explains. “It is this technical knowledge that has connected Glideline to its customers from day one – and it’s still what sets us apart eight years later.”

Having dealt with the delays, lack of quality control and loss of income encountered by aluminium installers at ground level, Glideline provides exceptional technical support, ensures rapid response times to queries, and provides detailed yet intentionally user-friendly drawings for trade customers.

“Our knowledge is particularly valuable in areas like threshold drawings and general surveying of doors and windows. We respond to questions within five minutes and provide full CAD drawings for every job,” says David. “Glideline has always been about making the process smoother and simpler for installers, because we know the stress that comes with uncertainty first-hand.”

For more information, visit https://www.glideline.com/

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