Insight Data, leading provider of data and marketing solutions for businesses in UK construction, fenestration, and glazing industries, celebrated resounding success at this year’s FIT Show.

Held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, Insight Data welcomed visitors to their stand where they introduced their leading business intelligence and marketing services. Across the three-day event, the team shared how their solutions create more successful, profitable, and valuable businesses.

Visitors were left with a lasting impression as they were wowed by the state-of-the-art demo kiosks featured at Insight Data’s stand. The interactive stations created the perfect opportunity for people to see first-hand the immense power of real-time data and how it can be used to transform business growth.

Kirsty Winter, General Manager at Insight Data, shared how the event stood out as their most successful exhibition to date.

“We have had a fantastic experience at this year’s FIT Show,” explains Kirsty.

“In 2023, our aim was to highlight our vision and goals, demonstrating to our audience the indispensable role Insight Data plays in our industry. We wanted to make it clear to everyone why partnering with us is a no brainer, and our time here in Birmingham has helped us achieve just that.

“We chose to craft our stand with simplicity as the focus, effectively conveying our vital role to construction, fenestration, and glazing businesses whilst setting ourselves apart from traditional trade show norms.

“With the coherence of our brand working to grab the attention of visitors, we were pleasantly surprised by the remarkable number of companies eager to collaborate with Insight Data – all with the aim of securing new business opportunities.”

The event also served as an opportunity for Insight Data to unveil their exciting new visual identity. The rebrand was meticulously crafted to emphasise how their specialised data allows businesses to strategically target and secure new clients through exclusive and up-to-date market intelligence.

“Our purpose is to assist businesses in identifying and capturing new customers within the construction, fenestration, and glazing industry, and our rebrand solidifies Insight Data’s position as the leading B2B data supplier in this field,” explains Kirsty.

“This redesign allowed us to return to our core values and effectively communicate our primary objectives to our target audience. By focusing on assisting businesses in pinpointing and winning new industry customers, we are confident that the launch of our rebrand at the FIT Show has reinforced this commitment to both existing and prospective customers.”

Insight Data stands out with their comprehensive collection of databases, encompassing more than 80,000 contacts of decision makers within the construction, fenestration, and glazing industries. With their extensive experience, the team possesses invaluable insider knowledge to support businesses in lead generation through effective email marketing, telesales, and the provision of in-depth market reports and analysis.

The remarkable achievement of Insight Data at the 2023 FIT Show firmly establishes them as a prominent player in the business intelligence and marketing industry. Their consistent dedication to pioneering solutions that encourages business growth keeps them at the forefront of data-driven strategies in the construction, fenestration, and glazing sectors.

To learn more about how Insight Data can help fuel your business growth, contact 01934 808293 or email

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