Market intelligence is power; having access to in-depth information in real-time helps business leaders and sales and marketing teams make better decisions, move faster and deliver better results.

That’s why over 800 suppliers across the industry rely on Insight Data. Since 2006 the firm has collected and analysed detailed information on over 14,000 fabricators, installers and glass companies.

It was founded by industry marketing expert Andrew Scott, who believed that data was the key to business growth and profitability.

He commented; “For years, companies used old customer lists, out-dated Google searches, or relied on a sales rep’s black book. Without access to real market intelligence, companies took a blanket approach to marketing, believing if they threw enough money or resources at least some of it would result in new customers.”

“Insight Data changed all this forever. With the Insight database clients simply log-in and build a list of their ideal customers, selecting products, materials, profile/systems brands, volumes, and even financial history, along with the direct contact details of decision makers. It has literally transformed supply chain sales and marketing.”

The machinery behind Insight Data is sophisticated. An in-house team of researchers make over 20,000 phone calls every month, interviewing fabricators, installers and glass companies. This information is updated live in real-time on the Insight database.

Meanwhile a stream of external data feeds, including a credit monitoring service, integrate with the database and a specialist team analyse and validate vast amounts of information. There are seven methods of updating and verifying the database and each month over 1,200 records change – companies move, change contacts, go out of business and new companies set-up. It’s all on the Insight database.

Salestracker Software Platform

Sales and marketing teams access the Insight database via Salestracker, a cloud-based platform that can be used on any internet-enabled computer or device in the office, at home or on the move. It provides detailed information on each business along with credit ratings, CCJ’s and net worth.  It’s available on a simple, cost-effective monthly subscription.

The system has several modules, such as a CRM solution so users can manage all their leads and customers in one platform with data updated live in real-time. This includes Alerts, so users can be notified of key information, such as change of directors or credit rating.

Salestracker can also be used by telesales teams with some powerful telemarketing features, while email campaigns can be created, sent and reported on via the platform’s email marketing tools.

Andrew added: “Salestracker is the perfect B2B tool for sales, marketing and management with the platform giving full oversight of all activity and reporting. It is configurable for each business and user, and our clients range from a regional fabricator with two or three users up to international conglomerates with 50+ users.

“The industry is changing faster than ever with major consolidation, diversification, new companies setting up and sadly some collapsing. If sales and marketing teams don’t have the latest information at their fingertips they’ll miss out on millions of pounds of business.”

Insight Data is trusted by over 800 customers including most of the industry’s biggest names such as Rehau, ALUK, Saint Gobain, and the GGF. The firm is ISO 9001 certified and GDPR compliant so suppliers can use the information with confidence.

While the primary reason companies subscribe is for sales and marketing purposes, there is growing demand from companies using the information for market research, identifying trends and gaining a better understanding of the sector.

New databases launched

While Insight has always been a fenestration industry data company, the firm has developed a number of related databases to help suppliers target customers in the commercial and new-build sectors.

Companies can now target over 19,000 local builders, 8,000 builders’ merchants, major construction firms and regional and national housebuilders, as well as 8,500 architects and specifiers – allowing companies to get their products specified earlier on in the sales process.

What’s next for Insight Data? Andrew Scott concludes;

“We are already developing the next generation of Salestracker with deeper information, advanced AI and powerful connectivity and API’s.

We’re also excited to launch several new initiatives in 2024, including Insight University to help marketers get the best data-driven marketing, and a new certification for users.

But the one initiative I’m most looking forward to is completing a new training centre at our HQ near Bristol, were we’ll invite customers to join us for introductory and advanced training on Salestacker and data-driven sales and marketing.”

If you want to gain access to exclusive marketing data and consistent business growth, get in touch today. Call us on 01934 808 293 or visit

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