Picture above: Jonathan Kemp

Inagas, the industry leaders for manual gas filling and testing equipment for the IGU market, is delighted to announce the launch of a UK based Calibration Centre, set up specifically to service all Sparklike HandheldTM devices in the UK.

Jonathan Kemp, Technical Director at Inagas explains, “After extensive training in the Sparklike Head Offices in Finland and further testing carried out in the UK, we are delighted to announce that the UK based Calibration Centre is now officially open!

“Previously, the Sparklike HandheldTM devices would have to be sent back to Finland for an annual calibration, but as Sparklike devices are sold worldwide, there was an obvious need to open calibration centres in other locations too.  This makes the process easier and more cost effective for customers, with reduced product downtime due to the reduced transportation.  Local calibration centres have seen success in the US, Australia, South Korea and Poland and we are pleased to say that the UK can now be added to that list.

“Popularity of the Sparklike HandheldTM devices is growing in the UK, as fabricators are increasingly being put under scrutiny to prove quality and performance.  They offer a quick and efficient way of measuring gas using non-invasive technology, with precision and accuracy, all from a user friendly HandheldTM device. The non-destructive testing method means units can be tested at any stage after the manufacturing process is complete, even once the unit is installed.

“As the official distributor of the full range of Sparklike equipment in the UK and Ireland, the Calibration Centre was the obvious next step to further cement our commitment to the Sparklike offering.  If you have a device in need of calibration or would like to talk about how one of the Sparklike devices could benefit your production, give Inagas a call to see how we could help.”

For more information on the Calibration Centre or the range of Sparklike devices, call 07879 446924 or 01442 832764.

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