The market-leading SMR-4 4 Head Welder from Haffner Murat is up to four times faster than conventional welders. It can also carry out three square welding, which equates to one extra frame per cycle. It is, quite simply, the fastest welder on the market.

The advantages the welder brings are why Haffner Murat delivered 12 machines to customers at the start of the year. Dave Thomas, Managing Director of Haffner Murat, says: “Word is getting out about how much the SMR-4 adds to a fabrication set-up and we’re getting more and more enquiries about it. Fabricators can see that the SMR-4 offers a quantum leap forward in terms of quality and efficiency. They also know that the value it will add will overwhelmingly outweigh the investment.”

As well as features to speed up production and reduce lead times, the SMR-4 is packed with features that improve product quality and cut waste. It is factory set each time and has automatic transom fences, automatic corner fences and automatic transom and mullion alignment, all things that add impressive value to a fabrication process.

The advantages of an SMR-4 are clear, but Haffner Murat’s free and impartial consultancy service gives fabricators added peace of mind. Dave comments: “We want fabricators to invest in machines that will help get their business to where they want it to be. We’ll work with them to make sure they make they make the right investment. It’s an approach that builds trust and means they’ll return to us when they’re ready to move to the next level in their business.”

Alongside the consultancy, Haffner Murat also offers finance and part exchange packages to help any machinery investment make even better financial sense.

So if you’d like to take your business to the next level, contact Haffner Murat and find out if the market-leading welder is what your fabrication set-up needs.