FlexipodHurst Plastics has boosted the efficiency of its deliveries after investing in a cutting edge electronic proof of delivery and fulfilment system from a fellow Kingston-upon-Hull based company. Developed by specialist IT solutions provider Axida, the new and innovative fleXipod system provides Hurst’s retail customers with more accurate, real time information on their deliveries than ever before. Hurst is the first company ever to use this best of breed system on the sophisticated next generation Samsung Note 3 handheld device.

Each vehicle in Hurst’s fleet of delivery vehicles is now equipped with fleXipod, which generates live information for both the customer and Hurst to ensure smooth, scheduled deliveries and enhanced service.

At the heart of fleXipod is its GPS tracking technology, delivered for the first time via a Samsung Note 3 handheld device. This pinpoints the exact location of a Hurst delivery vehicle at any time. The real power of fleXipod however is in its seamless integration with the company’s Hurst Live package – a complete solution which provides customers with essential, live information on every single order they place. Hurst Live’s intelligent technology enables customers to easily chart the real time status of their order from order processing through to manufacture and onto delivery. In conjunction with fleXipod, it even captures essential delivery recipient information, including a signature for proof of delivery.

fleXipod also links into the customer service department at Hurst’s headquarters to enable the team to constantly monitor progress and provide even greater efficiency on deliveries.

“This development is the most recent in a succession of fantastic technological advances that we have made here at Hurst,” explains Scott Chapman, IT Manager at Hurst Plastics. “This groundbreaking system has been implemented to help us further improve our customer service and provide a continuous stream of up to the minute information for our customers on deliveries. It’s fast, accurate and very simple to use and it integrates fully with our Hurst Live tool to provide a complete resource. And because all the data is electronic, it saves a great deal of time, minimises user error and significantly reduces our paperwork.”

Luke Robinson, Commercial Account Manager at Axida, added: “We are delighted to have formed this partnership with Hurst. The flexibility of our system has allowed us to tailor it specifically to Hurst’s requirements and provide both them and their customers with a bespoke solution. Hurst now benefits from delivery data, GPS tracking and a forms module to capture shift times and vehicle mileage – all within one powerful, single solution.”

If you are an existing Hurst customer and would like a demonstration on fleXipod, or if you are interested in becoming a Hurst trade partner, then please contact Hurst on 01482 790790.