Glass is one of the defining features of a new entrance door, says Sales Director at Hurst, Mark Atkinson. We talk to him to find out more.

There is a fundamental contradiction at play with door sales, which became more prominent as composite door sales picked up pace over the last two decades, according to Mark Atkinson, Sales Director at Hurst.

“There is an expectation that just because you have a composite door range in your portfolio, in an attractive range of styles, that you will win lots of new business,” Mark says. “But it’s not something that should be taken for granted.

“The key thing to remember is that while some homeowners want that modern aesthetic, they don’t necessarily want to look the same as their neighbours. They want a design that will make their door more unique, or that really makes a statement.

“That’s why having access to a wide colour choice and a unique glass collection is a formidable tool when selling entrance doors to homeowners.”

Mark argues that this has become more important as consumers have become more design focused, driven by the influence of social media and design programs, pointing to a shift to higher value work as a driver for new business. These growing number of customers, he asserts, expect a more modern aesthetic, and will not be satisfied with a standard range of glass options.

“This is one reason why we developed and launched the Harmony Range back in 2020,” he says. “We’ve invested heavily in our composite door offer, which includes a new beam saw, two new automated edge-banders, new furniture, and innovate marketing materials. However, it’s those exclusive details that really differentiate our offer and truly enhance the overall appeal.”

Hurst is a major supplier of composite doors in the UK, and styles include the Classic, Cottage, Contemporary and Designer Collections, plus an extensive choice of furniture, colour and glass options.

The exclusive Harmony Glass Collection is made up of contemporary, etched effect designs, which cleverly feature on both sides of the double-glazed unit to create a 3D effect.

“Our customers told us that they want something that differentiates them from their competitors,” Mark says. “With the Harmony Collection, we looked at what was on trend and created designs that would elevate the already contemporary look of our doors. The feedback has been excellent, and we know it is one reason why our customers keep returning.”

Hurst regularly introduces new ranges of glass designs to keep the entrance door range refreshed and up to date. Late last year saw the introduction of an extensive range of decorative designs in addition to the exclusive Bee, Butterfly and Rave Glass designs into the Composite Door Collection. The company will also add new designs to existing ranges if customer feedback demands it. For example, the company recently introduced the Alpine and Eminence designs to their Heritage Glass Collection for PVC-U panel doors.

“PVC-U panel doors remain a key part of many of our customers’ product offering, and it’s important that we keep those lines refreshed and modern,” Mark says. “Introducing the Alpine and Eminence lifts the Heritage Glass Collection, and gives our customers a valuable point of differentiation at the point of sale.

“When we recently launched our Monaco One PVC-U door panel style, which offers a contemporary composite style aesthetic, we also introduced our Harmony Glass Collection into more PVC-U panel styles, having only featured in the Modern 5101 previously.

“Again, this broadens the available product range for installation companies, and gives them a competitive edge.”

Mark contends that many retail companies offer both composite and PVC-U panel doors. Therefore, providing contemporary designs in both formats is crucial to give homeowners a broad range of options and stimulate demand at the point of sale.

“An exciting range of glass options can be the defining element of that choice,” Mark concludes. “Transforming a standard offering into a personal statement to drive a successful sale.”

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