25 yearsHOPPE (UK), the manufacturer synonymous with innovation, quality and performance in door and window hardware, celebrated its 25th anniversary in style with customers and suppliers at Uttoxeter Races. With a quarter of a century under its belt, the theme of the day was far from retrospective, instead providing news of imminent product launches which were unveiled during the morning’s presentations at head office.

Roger Benton, HOPPE UK’s Door and Window Division Managing Director who has been with the company since it started, thanked customers for their continued support and emphasised the theme of future years would be continual development in tandem with customers. Roger commented: “The partnering ethos has got us to where we are today, and it’s thanks to close working with customers that HOPPE maintains our position as the number one door handle manufacturer. But we aren’t resting on our laurels and as great as it is to – almost uniquely in the hardware sector – celebrate such longevity, we are determined to keep this position over future decades. To this end, we can now officially announce the arrival of two exciting new ranges, both due to market in January 2014: The Stainless Steel Collection of high performance door furniture and accessories, and a brand new range of complementary door products.
“In terms of volume and value, composite doors will continue to be one of the growth areas for our industry in 2014, and HOPPE has invested heavily in the introduction of a complete range of handles designed to enhance the appearance of composites. The range includes stainless steel pull handles incorporating V-shaped and Semi-Circular, lever on rose and lever on plate handles, and PAS24 performance escutcheons. Uniquely, the handles will also be supplied as standard with the innovative quickfit plus which allows for simple and precise assembly of a whole door handle set – roses and door handles – in a few seconds without the need for screws. It goes without saying, with our heritage of over 2 decades as the market leader in the supply of stainless steel handles, customers can rest assured that the quality will hit the high levels they’re used to.

“The second launch we’re delighted to announce is the culmination of market research we started at FIT in April, new tooling investment and product development: our complementary range of letter plates, knockers, numerals and spyholes. Designed to exactly colour match door handles, finishes available from January include the ever-popular polished chrome and gold, new silver, gold and brushed steel coating, and powder coated white and black. Letterplates conform to BSEN13724 and BSEN1670 corrosion levels 4 and 5.

“It’s no mean feat hitting 25 years of successful trading, especially in a sector renowned for commodity focused suppliers and short lived importers of product that are just looking for short term volume regardless of sustainable growth and quality. In contrast, as a solid European manufacturer with 60 years experience, HOPPE is well placed to continue to offer new designs, colours and innovations across a range of materials including aluminium, solid brass and stainless steel. But I’d like to leave the last words to two of our customers who joined us for our celebrations – John Kelly, Commercial Manager of Em-B Solutions commented: “I use HOPPE as one of my major suppliers, their service and quality is excellent and often used as my benchmark for other suppliers to meet” and David Grant of A+B Glass who said quite plainly: “If it’s got HOPPE’s name on it, I trust it.”

For more information on HOPPE (UK) Ltd visit www.hoppe.co.uk or call 01902 484 400.