Double-glazing has been the norm for so long now that it’s easy to forget there are still thousands of buildings around Britain where conventional double-glazed units just aren’t an option.

Often, that’s because strict conservation rules won’t allow it. Sometimes, it’s simply because a homeowner doesn’t want to spoil an older property’s vintage aesthetics.

But whatever the reason, it means there’s still significant demand for IGU manufacturers who can offer 21st-century performance in slim, heritage-appropriate packages.

Since 2011, Buckinghamshire-based Slenderpane have been providing exactly that – high-performance slimline IGUs that are virtually indistinguishable from single-glazed units.

Their ultra-slim sightlines allow for the elegant fixed-glazing bars that are part of the character of so many period properties – and Slenderpane’s decade of heritage glazing experience, combined with the skill and expertise of their spacer supplier, Edgetech, mean that their units pass EN1279 Parts 2 and 3 with flying colours.

“At Slenderpane, our goal has always been to provide outstanding quality double-glazed IGUs that don’t require heritage property owners to compromise on aesthetics,” comments Technical Sales Manager Dave Parker.

“Edgetech have played an integral role in us reaching that objective, and their advice and support has been invaluable, particularly when it came to EN1279 testing.

“Passing Parts 2 and 3 shows customers around the country that we’re able to offer the high-performance heritage IGUs they need to help older homes achieve modern energy efficiency standards – and with less than thirty years to go until the UK’s 2050 deadline for net zero carbon, that’s more relevant than ever.”

Edgetech Managing Director Chris Alderson comments. “We’re delighted that Slenderpane are continuing to see success with their heritage units.

“Super Spacer® Heritage™ was expressly designed to help leading manufacturers like Slenderpane achieve traditional aesthetics, fast application, high levels of productivity, and, above all, exceptional unit performance.

“We look forward to continuing to support them for many years to come.”

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