The paternoster system from Helga is extremely popular with customers who have limited floor space. As a space-saving storage solution, a number of companies in the UK have already seen the advantages and utilised the vertical space available on their production floors. Depending on the number of compartments installed each one can hold 1.5 tonne loads.

Due to the flexible design manufacturers can store a wide variety of products as the paternoster system can hold spacer pallets, Euro pallets, boxes and bundled goods to be stored systematically.

The six or more loading compartments can be easily lifted or lowered to the desired working height which can be at the same height as the production line. Also, re-stacking and material handling can be significantly reduced with goods loaded and retrieved from either the front or the back or both, depending on how they are stored.

The Paternoster system can be tailored to meet the specific production requirements of individual manufacturers via simple storage of bulky materials up to 8 metres in width, with a depth of approximately 2.60 metres.

Incorporating the system into a production floor is easy thanks to the tailored solutions offered by the Helga engineering team.

Once a production floor has been evaluated by the team, the layout and efficiency of a working facility will be the first step towards improving production and storage methods. With a highly skilled team, being able to accommodate customers’ manufacturing requirements and developing bespoke plans accordingly is the key to optimising manufacturing and storage methods.

After developing and preparing factory layouts with spreadsheets that will justify adapting a production floor with minimal disruption to flowthrough, a dedicated team of experienced specialist engineers from the UK and Germany will ensure that installation, commissioning and start up is an easy transition that runs smoothly to accommodate shift patterns and orders.

For fabrication companies with limited space this makes an ideal storage solution when looking to expand without the expense of new premises.

For more information on the range of products in the Hegla range that could help to improve the efficiency of your business, then please call 01908 261933.