The arrival of 18m jumbo sheets at a Saint Gobain factory recently caused quite a stir on social media, right across the industry, with a lot of people staggered at the logistics of transporting the glass. Many looked at the enormity of the issues associated with the practicalities of moving the glass both in transit as well as around a factory floor and they were left flummoxed.

For the HEGLA team there was no dilemma regarding the discussion, as the range has been carefully engineered to meet the demands of a changing market, where supersized glass units are increasingly being stipulated.

Easing the pressure on processors is where HEGLA provides all the right solutions with its Galactic Plus float glass cutting machinery, that has been developed with electromagnetic linear drive that can handle glass sheets up to 20m long. The combined, high resolution measurement system works without mechanical gears, minimises wear and sets new benchmarks in precision engineering.

Demands on glass processors are increasing, with many specifiers and architects now using glass as the product of choice for large commercial projects. In terms of insulation, durability and aesthetics it would seem that bigger is still getting better and consequently, as a product it satisfies the requirements of the planners and the desires of the end users.

Steve Goble, Managing Director HEGLA UK comments, “With an appetite for skyward living becoming more and more popular, as inner city buildings literally reach new heights, glass is now the evident favourite for all the benefits it adds.

Design plays an important role in a finished project, with its ability to create the right architectural balance between performance and aesthetic. Shops, apartments, restaurants and businesses now easily sit together under one giant glass facade, but creating supersized units to meet the needs of the construction companies remains firmly in the hands of the processors.”

As a machinery provider HEGLA listens to what customers and specifiers want and takes a hands on approach to providing the right technical solution, as the market evolves.

Check out the video on the BYSTRONIC/HEGLA Facebook page to see the Galactic Plus 20m in action in Beverungen, being tested before despatch:

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