Leading systems solutions provider HEGLA has launched a new, modern website to give customers faster access to information on the company and its range.

As an international platform that reflects the highest standards that are synonymous with the HEGLA brand, the new online site is customer oriented and reflects the company’s international presence.

Within the HEGLA Group, all core competences are now presented on an equal footing to demonstrate their expertise and relevance for today’s and tomorrow’s markets.

The highly recognisable HEGLA branding has been maintained to ensure existing and new customers can easily identify the company and its broad range.

Technical information as well as corporate news and product developments will be accessible via a variety of pages and the easy to use search tool.

Respective international contacts are listed with easy access to relevant global contacts and their numbers.

Steve Goble, Managing Director HEGLA UK comments, “This is an extremely user-friendly site that has been developed to help customers understand our range and its potential.”

The site’s content includes excellent search functionality, with optimization for mobile devices also included to allow visitors to better interact with the company online and to explore the corporate brand.

Key features including easy search, navigation and download areas with website analytics incorporated that will give the company a better understanding of customer preferences, whilst also extending its reach to a larger target audience.

Bernhard Hoetger, COO HEGLA Group commented“As we have grown, we have recognised that customers need a website to keep pace with changes and developments, not just at the company but in the market sector too. We hope this will be an extremely useful resource for them. Also, as an e-commerce option it is now essential to provide potential investors with an online platform to explore.”

Steve Goble concluded: “With e-commerce now considered the primary route to research and evaluate goods, it is vital we introduce improved online avenues to promote our range and support our customers.”

For more information on the HEGLA group, please visit the website www.hegla.com


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