on the Roof Assured stand (2-104) at the FiT Show in April 2013

Sika Roof Assured www.roofassured.co.uk is launching a new image and brand campaign as part of its strategy to grow the domestic business and raise brand awareness.

The new marketing push will primarily focus on evolving the identity of the brand, improving the current marketing literature, creating an independent web presence and increasing the scale of communication output…

Marketing communications will be tailored to the Sika Roof Assured target audiences; home improvement companies and homeowners, with clear and relevant messages to each.


As part of the global Sika group of companies the brand is an important part of the UK portfolio and operates in a burgeoning sector for the UK roofing business. The new ID will be rolled out across on and offline channels with a new Roof Assured specific website playing a key role.


Rod Benson, national sales manager, Roof Assured said:  “We’ve built a very healthy brand over the last five years with an ever growing volume of installers joining our registered network.  We’re now building on these strengths and enhancing what we already have to drive growth and underscore our continuing commitment to installers and homeowners.”


Highlights will be a new logo, new literature, a wider presence at industry and consumer events, a push into social media and an increased advertising presence in trade and consumer media.


The new branding will reinforce the five point pledge of Roof Assured’s overall mission and position in the marketplace:

• Guarantees

• Quality installation

• Aesthetics

• Environment

• Value

The new image and brand campaign will be launched on the Roof Assured stand (2-104) at the FiT Show in April 2013.