Haffner 10 year agreementFifteen months ago, Haffner GB Ltd brought the Murat machinery range to the UK. Following a staggeringly successful 15 months, Haffner has just announced that it has just signed a ten year supply deal with the company. Dave Thomas, Haffner’s Managing Director said, “We have been delighted with how popular the Murat range has proved. We believe Murat machines offer the perfect combination of quality and an attractive price and it seems that fabricators agree with us. I’m very proud to have signed this arrangement that will see us continue to be the exclusive supplier of Murat machinery in the UK.”

Perhaps one of the reasons that Murat machines have proved so popular is that they’re designed with the fabricator’s needs in mind. Take the latest additions to the range, for example, the SMR three and four head welders. Developed in conjunction with Dave Thomas himself, the welders take advantage of recent technological advances and offer huge benefits in terms of speed, accuracy and the finished quality of products.

Automatic head positioning via turret stop locators ensure the corner and transom line up perfectly every time irrespective of the operator. The touch screen display shows the operator which style of window he is welding so he can quickly see where each cut piece is positioned. At the press of a button the corner or transom fences move to their correct setting without the use of set-squares or jigs. If a transom head is selected, the middle corner fence retracts into the table to allow the transom or mullion to locate against the rigid setting plates. The fence rises again for corner welding so there’s no need to reset the machine. The transom is set at 90° by the self-centering mechanism irrespective of uneven arrowheads, this ensures perfect transom and cruciform joints, which will result in better cleaning and greater frame accuracy.

The welders, like all Murat machines, also benefit from superb build quality. Festo pneumatics, Hiwin bearings and Schneider controls all ensure they will perform for many years to come, while Haffner’s two year warranty on all new machinery provides valuable peace of mind.

Dave Thomas says, “Murat machines allow fabricators to invest in high quality engineered products at some of the lowest industry prices. I think what they offer is unbeatable.” Add in Haffner’s renowned service and support, and you’ve got a truly hard to beat machinery package!