Sales at Haffner Murat have been going from strength to strength recently and Managing Director Dave Thomas says he knows why. “The economy is picking up and as things start to improve fabricators want to offer a wider range of choices to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible. The only effective way to manufacture a wider range of products in the same amount of time is to invest in automation machinery that maximises the efficiency of your plant.”

Haffner has installed several SBA Machining Centres in recent months and Dave says: “For the bigger fabricators the obvious investment is in the SBA Machining Centre. It’s the powerhouse of window fabrication and if you want to improve your quality, production speeds and bottom line, the SBA is the perfect choice.”

For fabricators of all sizes there are several machines that can make good sense. The SMR-4 Welder dramatically speeds up production times thanks to the touch-screen controls that set profiles, the quick release tooling and the fact that no setting or alignment is required from operators. The TT405 Computerised Saw is a double cut saw for PVCu and aluminium profiles up to 70mm. You can pivot the saw heads from 45 to 90 degrees and set up point to point cutting via the touch screen, eliminating profile tolerance and improving quality. The Italmac Turn 4 Axis machine automates both PVCu and aluminium profiles while the SVK-2 CNC corner and transom cleaner increases efficiency, product quality and offers great value for money. Dave reports that sales of all three product lines have substantially increased in recent months.

Alongside fabricators upgrading their automation machinery, Dave says he has noticed increasing numbers of businesses returning to fabrication after buying-in for a number of years. He comments: “These businesses want to take back control and they see that fabricating their own products is the only way to do this. We have helped several businesses with a range of reconditioned start-up packages that give them everything they need. Our reconditioned machines offer a great deal for businesses. Every machine has been personally selected by me and comes with a six month warranty with installation and training included in the price.”

Dave concludes: “It’s great to see demand returning to the industry as confidence grows. If you’re one of the companies looking to make the most of the increasing numbers of opportunities, please get in touch to see how we can help.”