When Haffner Murat’s SMR-4 welder was introduced to the market, it was billed as a game-changer for fabricators. It seems that the market more than agreed with this statement as sales of the machine have soared and show little sign of slowing down.

In order to help potential customers discover for themselves why the SMR-4 has proved to be so popular, Haffner have commissioned a short three minute video that explains the main benefits of the machine in action. Dave Thomas, Haffner Murat’s Managing Director explains.   “The SMR-4 welder really is a formidable machine and we wanted to be able to demonstrate the many benefits to fabricators in an easy format. When it comes to explaining the technical elements of a machine we find that video is more much suitable than the written word and fabricators can see the benefits for themselves straight away.”

The SMR-4 welder is the first welder on the market to eliminate the problem of corner weld misalignment in the fabrication process. This is because it can auto-align corners as well as transoms. Even if the arrow head is slightly out, it still welds the transom at 90 degrees. Quite simply, it removes the need for a skilled operator and eliminates costly remakes, saving time and money.

The welder’s automatic head positioning offers other benefits apart from eliminating remakes. It also means there is no need for set squares or aligning tools. Other automatic features include automatic transom fences, automatic corner fences and automatic transom and mullion alignment, all of which dramatically speed up the production process and increase quality. The welder also offers a retracting middle corner fence, three square welding and an on screen window display that makes checking progress easy. Finally, drop down support arms help to anchor small frames, making the production of these much easier.

Dave concludes, “All of these unique features are shown in action on the video and we know it is going to be a useful tool for customers looking to invest.”

The video can be seen on YouTube by searching for “Haffner Murat SMR-4 Welding Machine” and is also available to view on www.haffnergb.com