SG_picture_SNX 50-23Guardian Glass UK is pleased to announce the launch of SunGuard SNX 50/23.  Primarily designed for architectural projects, SNX 50/23 is a triple silver coated glass which lets in twice the amount of natural daylight compared to solar heat gain.  This tailored performance creates a naturally lit environment inside the building without being compromised by excessive solar heat gain, which can cause overheating.

SNX 50/23 is the second triple silver coating in the SunGuard eXtra Selective glass series.  With a light transmission of 50% and a solar factor of just 23%, SNX 50/23 has a world-class selectivity ratio of 2.17. This figure demonstrates that the glazing reflects over twice the amount of solar heat away from the glass compared to the natural daylight it lets in.  This is currently the leading selectivity ratio on the market.

“This is a valuable addition to our portfolio of SunGuard products,”says Mark Bristow, Regional Manager for Guardian Glass UK.“SNX 50/23 offers the highest selectivity of any of our SunGuard products,and allows architects and engineers alike to design and create large glazed facades without compromising natural daylight because of excessive solar heat gain.”

Combined with an ultra low U value of 1.0 W/m2K in a common 6/16/4 Argon filled insulating glass unit, SNX 50/23 creates a barrier in any glazed façade, dramatically reducing heat loss from the building whilst also reducing solar heat gains,which can often result in a need for mechanical cooling.  All of this is provided in a high light transmission glass with a low reflection, helping to ensure the project achieves its desired appearance whilst creating a comfortable environment inside the building.  The innovative performance of SNX 50/23 can also achieve added points in BREEAM under the “Energy” and the “Well Being” categories.

Ideal for any glazing application where natural daylight is a necessity and reducing solar factor is essential, the new SNX 50/23 is available in both annealed and heat-treatable versions allowing it to be fabricated into units that meet all building regulation requirements.  As with other SunGuard SuperNeutral products, SNX 50/23 is supplied with Guardian’s patented TPF film, which protects the SNX coating during processing and helps to ensure higher yields through fabrication, when handling and processing guidelines are properly applied.

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