Leading ventilation brand Greenwood Airvac, part of Zehnder Group UK, is thrilled to announce it has passed the 1 million unit sales milestone for its EA window vent range.  The range of aesthetic and compact window vents was launched to provide the most optimum solution to changes to Part F Building Regulation requirements for trickle vents (replacement air),  and sales have gone from strength to strength.

The main product in the range is the smallest window vent on the market to provide 5000mm² equivalent area, and offers a perfect solution to window installers who need to meet Building Regulation requirements regarding the number of vents per window or room.  The acoustic EA vent options also offer an impressive sound attenuating performance of up to 45dB(A), ideal for where noise planning restrictions have been put in place.  The vents have an aesthetically pleasing design which is easy to open and control, and they boast excellent airtightness performance with upward air deflection, reducing the risk of draughts and maximizing comfort for occupants.

2017 has already been an extremely strong year for Greenwood Window Vent sales.   The firm continues to offer a wide range of high quality solutions that are regularly tested by independent and accredited test houses to ensure standards are met and Regulations are complied with.  This is an approach which Greenwood Airvac believes has contributed to the increasing popularity and success of the EA range.

Nigel Coston, Technical Director at Zehnder Group UK, comments: “1million unit sales is an significant milestone for us, and is a real reflection of our commitment to the high level of quality, standards and excellence required by this market. Since the introduction of changes to Regulations and equivalent area as a measurement for window vents, it’s become more and more vital to deliver high quality performance in window ventilation.  As the air quality debate continues, we are proud to be playing such a central role in the improvement of indoor climate conditions through the manufacture and delivery of these vent products.”