GQA Qualifications, the fenestration industry’s leading awarding body, has reacted quickly to the virus crisis, ensuring its staff follow government guidance and work from home. 

The organisation has made sure that all staff have what they need so that they can do so. Right from the start of the crisis, GQA has communicated with training providers to reiterate the government’s social distancing and self-isolation guidance and requirements and has also sent out communications on alternative methods of assessment that can be utilised.

Plenty of people are still working even though they are self-isolating, and GQA points out that there are still lots of opportunities to collect valid learning evidence. To this end, they are encouraging fenestration industry employees to continue to pursue qualifications during the virus crisis so that they are fully work-place proficient when things return to normal.

 There is really nothing to stop training centres continuing their work, because they can offer much of what is required online.


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