Synseal Globals finer details rels June 2013

The success of Synseal’s Global conservatory roof can be attributed in no small part to the company’s focus on the finer details, such as the ridge, crestings and internal claddings.

In the latest Global technical brochure (a must-have for any conservatory specialist), Synseal pays close attention to the important aspect of ridge design, and subsequently offers a selection of three alternative details which can accommodate varying roof pitches ranging from 15 to 35 degrees.

“A ridge isn’t simply a ridge,” explained David Leng, Synseal’s Chief Executive. “If the technical details aren’t precisely right and the ridge assembly is tricky to fit, then the conservatory installation subsequently can run the risk of failure, so we have provided a choice of three ridge details to ensure that each project has an appropriate ridge for the job.

“These practical ridge designs are easy to fabricate and install, with no risk of subsequent draughts or water ingress.”

Synseal also highlights the importance of the finer aesthetic and functional points. For example, the internal eaves beam cladding has been designed to be easily removed for access, and is available in either chamfered or contoured ovolo profile to suit the style of the conservatory’s windows and doors.

For consistency the cladding is available in the same traditional woodgrain and painted-effect foils as the conservatory roof and matching frames – if Synseal profiles are specified for the window walling.

One of the most visually striking and classical design aspects of a conservatory are the finials and crestings, and Synseal has paid close attention to the detailing of these eye-catching features to ensure Global conservatory roofs are finished off perfectly.

The interlocking PVC-U sections of the crestings incorporate an interlock to ensure that once connected they remain in a perfect line, and the range of decorative finial designs are also available in suited colours to match the roof.

“Global roof took the UK’s number one position in 2005 and has been there ever since, accounting for at least one in four of every conservatory roof installed today,” David said. “This well-engineered and proven roof has been designed to be easy to specify, easy to fabricate, easy to fit and easy to maintain. That’s what makes the Global roof the ideal choice for conservatory projects both in the UK and worldwide.”