Banbury-based Glazpart, is a specialist injection moulding company with extensive experience in the fenestration industry, employing 80 staff at its ISO 9001:2008 certified site, producing millions of mouldings each month.

Glazpart has launched a new catalogue covering its extensive range of glazing accessories to contract and install windows.  These include flat, bridge, frame and wedge packers, glazing shovels, fixing lugs, run up (Rider) blocks, locking wedges and many, many more.

Fully revised and easily down loadable online at or read online as a “flip file” as though reading a paper copy all with instant access, the catalogue provides detailed summaries of all of our key products features and benefits from our extensive product lines.

We attempt to add knowledge and background information for our customers as to why products are used or needed such as –

How do you stop frame packers falling off as you try to fit a window? 

What is technically the best way to toe and heel glass?

Where should you use flat packers?

What is the difference between a location and a setting block? 

Why is a bridge packer used?

Why fit a drain hole cover?

New to the catalogue is detail of the extensive range of colour options, whether a moulded colour, vacuum foiled, printed wood grain or paint sprayed. Also, covered are our extensive packaging options such as trade counter and point of sales packs E.g. Glazing shovels and multi packs E.g. Mixed flat packers.

New applications are also detailed including our comprehensive range of flexi corner wedges which are the best way to toe and heel glass and our plastic fixing lugs which reduce bridging of the thermal bridge during window installation.

According to Dean Bradley – Sales and Marketing Manager

This is a key document for Glazpart and our customers as we try to improve market knowledge and understanding of what and where to use our products. This document supports our customers to access the right technical data easily, whilst providing useful background information to improve understanding and compliance whilst raising standards across one of our key markets

Whilst downloading the catalogue there is the option to keep in touch through social media or you can add your details to our electronic mailing list to find out the latest developments in our glazing accessories at Glazpart as they happen.