Glazerite Training DayHaving recently reached the landmark figure of £100million in sales, Wellingborough-based fabricator Glazerite Windows Limited are now investing their time and money in supporting new and existing customers with the facilities of online quoting and ordering and customising of a system to suit their business via a series of regionalised Evo Satellite training days.

Held on March 19th 2014 at VEKA PLC, customers from various locations across Scotland, England and Wales were on hand to offer valuable feedback to Glazerite during the first of many scheduled training days. Always looking for ways to improve on their current customer support, according to Peter Smith, Glazerite Northern Divisional Sales Manager: “The day garnered a positive response and everyone who took part contributed to its success.”

Also partaking in a tour of VEKA’s manufacturing and warehouse operation, Glazerite customers were privy to a presentation update from Austin Greene on the MTC scheme.

Chris Hatch of Glazerite was commended for his effort in keeping the day pitched for people with various levels of knowledge, but this wasn’t the only feedback of the day. Frank Williams from Liverpool stated that he “enjoyed a very informative day”. Lauren Wilcox from Bolton “felt more confident in online ordering,” while Mike Dashper from Stranraer noted that he now “has a better understanding of the capabilities of online quoting and ordering.” All in all a great day was had by all and there are many more to come.