Tuff X Processed Glass are almost certainly one of the largest and fastest growing processing companies in the UK. Established in 1997 and working from a 55,000 sq.ft factory on Merseyside, they have been quietly building their reputation as one of the most versatile and professional firms around.

Continual investment in high quality equipment to provide perfect finished products has been a key to their success, and they can produce processed toughened glass up to 19mm 4200 x 2400, and that could be laminated toughened balustrade, a splash back, or bathroom wall, or part of a multi-panel foyer of a commercial building.

Tuff X have doubled in size over the last 5 years, which they attribute to the growing demand for their quality products. Director Graham Price says, “We believe that there’s a huge market of discerning customers out there who are prepared to pay a reasonable price for a quality bespoke product and that’s where we come in. We can supply direct to the trade and other smaller glass companies and word has been rapidly spreading through the industry, and when customers see the scope of what we’re able to offer, they are often amazed.”

“However, it’s not all about the range of products that we offer, our success is based on getting things right first time for the customer and the way we handle the customer from initial tentative enquiry, right through to quoting and giving advice to manufacture, production control and delivery.”

“As we’ve grown, we’ve realised that we had outgrown our old order processing system that generated a lot of paperwork, and wasn’t designed for glass processors. So we turned to Clear Thinking who have established themselves as market leaders in the UK for software for glass processors. We knew that their Glass Office software was in use at several of our friends in the industry and at a few of our competitors – so they seemed like a safe bet.”

Graham goes on to say, “Clear Thinking undertook to integrate their quoting and invoicing software with our existing Sage accounts software and all of our existing machinery. So now we can produce a quote, then turn it into an order, issue it to production, optimise the glass to reduce wastage all from a single entry. Our office is now a lot closer to being paperless and everyone in the company can see the progress of that order and provide a quick response to any customer queries. In our industry, we are constantly rescheduling deliveries around the challenges of busy sites, so we have always had to be very flexible. The Glass Office software will save us lots of time and make us a more efficient organisation.”

One of the big benefits of the GlasSave optimisation system is the material saving in reduced glass waste. For example, now we can cut 6mx3m sheets of various glass thickness, increasing greater yield and efficiencies. These pieces are now directed to the correct department for drilling, polishing, CNC work, etc. so our factory flows better than before.”

Graham finishes by saying, “Clear Thinking already came highly recommended to us, but it was crucial that our software supplier could do both the job we needed and grow with us as we expand and invest in more machinery. We’ve been live with the Glass Office system for a few months now and are already reaping the benefits.”