The FENSA Knowledge Hub (FKH) is a new, revolutionary web-based management and marketing tool.  It processes all the information installers input during the notification process on the FENSA website – and offers it to them as easy to understand, informative data, much of which is graphically presented.  It is available for free to FENSA members only.

FENSA installers will be able to evaluate their performance and prices against the market average, identify sales and marketing opportunities, view their inspection history, compare performance over the previous year and much more besides.

All the knowledge held on the FKH comes from the notification process, so is information already supplied by FENSA installers.  This is then combined with local government information on population, housing stock etc.  Each installer will be able to see only their company specific data – and will not be able to view any other installers’ information.  But, installers will be able to view industry aggregated data by Local Authority area or nationally.

Jon Vanstone, FENSA director, commented: “The FENSA Knowledge Hub will provide a vital insight for our members.  It will allow them to better analyse their performance, indicate sales and marketing opportunities, and identify inspection pass and fail patterns.

FENSA has been gathering all this data and not using it – let alone providing it as an installer management tool.  We thought it was about time we did.”

Most of this data is already available in a FENSA installer’s portal, but in a very inaccessible format. It would take significant time and effort for installers to create something usable with that data.  With the FKH, all the hard work has been done for them.

However, this kind of data is only available on the FKH.  With FENSA’s 80% plus market share, 15 years’ experience and specialist IT expertise it is the only glazing business or Competent Persons Scheme that could provide such useful and detailed information.  FKH has been in development for many months and is the result of substantial investment.

FKH will be an evolving information hub – with new functionality due to be added over the next few months.  FENSA would also like to hear from members about what extra functions they would find useful – with a view to possibly adding them too.

Vanstone concluded: “The Knowledge Hub provides a commercial opportunity for FENSA registered firms’ available no-where else, that should give them an edge over other installers, and allow them to harness the power of their data.”

The FENSA Knowledge Hub goes live on 4th April.  For existing FENSA members just click on the link in the email that you will receive on 4th April, or visit  and follow the Sign Up process (you will need your FENSA registration number).  Only the main FENSA contact email address will have access initially.  Other emails can be added with the installers permission.

For those interested in joining FENSA and gaining access to FKH, please visit

The FENSA Knowledge Hub will be demonstrated at the FIT Show on the FENSA Stand (No 30, Hall 8).  Information on how to use FKH will also be provided in the next edition of the FENSA Now newsletter, via direct emails to FENSA members, at the regular FENSA Seminars, on social media and via a programme of webinars.

There is also an in depth Help Section on the FKH website itself.  Specific questions can also be sent in via