Picture above: Simon Felstein

When Mila launched its new Kitemarked SupaSecure and ProSecure letterplates in the Summer of 2021, it called the product a ‘game changer’. The design of the letterplate means that it protects against opportunist thieves using the letterplate to ‘fish’ for keys and valuables or manipulate the locking system, but it is still as slim, leakproof (achieving BS6375-1) and easy to fit as a traditional letterplate.

As a result, the response from the market has been exceptional, with both high and low volume customers making the switch to the SupaSecure stainless steel version in particular.

One typical fabricator is the Altrincham based trade specialist Nova Group, which is now fitting the new Mila SupaSecure letterplate as standard on all its Secured by Design accredited residential doors.

For Nova’s Managing Director Simon Felstein, the decision to choose Mila was easy. He said: “What’s clear from the design of the letterplate is that it’s got the fabricator firmly in mind.

“Just like the Mila ProSecure door hinge which has been on our doors for a long time, it’s quick and easy to fit. It’s assembled and fitted just like a traditional letter plate in just a couple of minutes with no special screws or routing, and the fact that the two parts of the letterplate are packaged separately means we can mix and match finishes on dual colour doors if that’s what customers want.

“The product obviously meets the Door and Hardware Federation’s TS008: 2015 security standard, and the updated PAS24:2016 required for SBD accreditation, which is a big USP for our trade customers, but it doesn’t have any of the bulky cowls or cumbersome add-ons that we’ve seen in SBD letterplates from other hardware companies.

“It’s particularly slim, protruding just 45mm on the inside of the door and comes in a great range of high quality polished and brushed stainless steel finishes, all with the reassurance of a 25-year mechanical and surface finish warranty from Mila.

“Nova was founded way back in 1971, and we’ve worked hard over those five decades to build a reputation for quality, service and product innovation. It’s no surprise then that we choose our products and our supply partners with extreme care, and the Mila TS008 letterplate is proving a great addition to our range.”

The Mila TS008 letterplate is a patent-pending design featuring anti-fishing fins which open with a smooth concertina action to allow mail to be posted through. Crucially though, the fins restrict the internal flap opening to 80° and this, in combination with an angled postal ramp which deflects items upwards, is what makes fishing impossible.

More details are at: www.mila.co.uk/supasecure-ts008-letterplate and at www.windows-conservatories.co.uk/index.php


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