Leading Midlands fabricator, frameXpress has recently added a new addition to the product range with the introduction of new composite doors. Available in a broad range of colours the latest addition to the frameXpress portfolio has been introduced to help customers develop new areas for sales opportunities.

Additionally, the company has recently achieved the PAS 23 and PAS 24 industry accreditations with BSI after rigorous product testing, in relation to all pvcu and composite doors within the range, providing a number of key advantages for installers including superior security standards.

For frameXpress identifying areas of potential growth is an extremely important part of building customer relations. With an eye on future market changes and new legislative measures to be introduced to an energy conscious society, senior management believe that more energy efficient products and associated accreditations will be demanded by the consumer.

Ian Davis, Sales Manager at frameXpress comments, “As composite doors are quickly becoming the product of choice for many homeowners due to their significant energy saving capabilities we believe this to be a strong product to add to the range. Also, with the introduction of initiatives such as The Green Deal the consumer market will inevitably demand more from the investments they make in and around the home. For our customers we believe they are a cost-effective way to develop new opportunities”.

He continues, “The design of composite doors offers more advantages than singular material doors. Our range has been developed, using a combination of carefully selected materials which offer beneficial properties that completely eliminate defects such as warping and shrinking commonly associated with other door types.”

It is generally recognized that composite doors offer considerable thermal benefits, reducing homeowners’ energy bills by providing more heat retention. For frameXpress the company believes that the introduction of government incentives will draw the consumer’s attention to the cost saving benefits a high performance insulating door can offer.  This combined with fast payback will quickly drive the composite door market forward.

Ian Davis continues, “It is pretty much accepted that composite doors are the most energy efficient option with aluminium, wood, and PVC panel doors unable to achieve the same performance levels. Inevitably The Green Deal will stimulate the market as homeowners look to install products that offer energy saving advantages and ultimately a reduction of heating bills.”

Many other types of doors provide much lower performance and tend to develop excessive gaps between the door and the frame over time, through which heat escapes.  Irrespective of whether homeowners decide to opt for Green Deal packages or not, frameXpress believes that the composite door market will quickly grow.

Senior management at the company consider that fabricators must look to accommodate new legislation quickly as the industry once again gears up for change.

Ian concludes “Through modern design and style as well as guaranteed improved security, homeowners will look for peace of mind when making investments. We consider there is great scope for our customers in many market sectors such as new build and social housing. At present when a home is sold an Energy Performance Certificate is required which fairly reflects the energy efficiency of the property. As the UK Government looks to introduce initiatives and new methods of awareness regarding carbon footprints, our customers will be well prepared to offer the best thermally efficient products on the market which in turn will help them to expand on the possibilities for their own business.”

FrameXpress composite doors are available in a variety of colour options and currently have a lead time of 5 days.  For more information on the composite door range available from the company please call 01952 581100.