The reinvention of the conservatory appears to be big business at the moment for frameXpress customers.  Modernising existing extensions and adapting them to create a luxurious part of the home is a growing trend with many consumers looking to add substantial value.

One of the most recent conservatory installations for frameXpress once again specified the highest performance products from the company’s range.  The high spec project is one of the latest state-of-the-art installations to be commissioned in what appears to be a growing consumer desire to renovate and update by adding a touch of personal style to their properties.

Incorporating thermally efficient conservatory roof glass as well as modern integral window blinds ensured the completed project provided only the best in terms of innovation and overall appearance, all of which can be passed on when the property is eventually sold.

Ian Davis, Sales Manager at frameXpress believes that the market has taken a bold shift towards aesthetics and performance as the consumer grasps the viable benefits offered by high performance conservatory  roof glass.

Ian comments, “The innovations in performance roof glass that have been achieved over the last few years are now really starting to invigorate homeowners.  The look of the finished installation is not only striking but is providing substantial financial benefits to the end user.  They are quickly grasping that year round use and reduced energy bills are real advantages they can pass on when the time comes to move home.”

First generation buyers have become so disillusioned over the years with the dull, lacklustre conservatories that offer no real place to relax in due to the limitations caused by lack of temperature control. Many have used the space purely as a storage room unable to enjoy the additional space they believed they had purchased.

Ian considers that there is much potential in the second generation conservatory investor   as they are learning that more innovative design options are available that will open up he the space for every day use.

Insulation and noise reduction also appear to be important criteria for those looking to invest.  frameXpress customers are increasingly discussing solar glare and noise reduction when making specifications.

Ian Davis comments, “The look of a finished project now is entirely different to 10 years ago and many customers are winning business on referral from homeowners because of this.  Using thermally efficient glass roofing systems from leading UK companies places frameXpress in a very strong position, knowing they can help customers to tempt the end user to buy again.”

Ian concludes, “This particular market sector is becoming much more buoyant as dynamic design and regular usage are attractive qualities for second generation buyers who have previously been so disappointed and are now inspired to invest in their properties.”

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