While Tommy Trinder’s Framepoint® software is ideal for distance selling and has proved itself throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdowns that have prevented face-to-face selling of windows and doors in customer’s homes, it struck me that its application can be very much more.

Talking to Tommy Trinder’s architect of the Framepoint® software, Chris Brunsdon, Glass News’ Editor Chris Champion finds out more about how the software can be used and the ease of use, both for setting up product and showing it to the customer – and pricing, too.

Forgetting the restrictions on selling to the homeowner, can Framepoint® be used when we are back to normal and are there significant advantages to using it?

Chris Brunsdon comments: “Whereas our sales staff were visiting potential customers and demonstrating the versatility of the software pre-pandemic and then training the customer on its use, we had to do our own distance selling just like everyone else since March 2020.”

“The simple fact is that with Zoom and Teams, and other communication applications, our staff have been able to demonstrate and train people on the software. Now, with some light at the end of the tunnel, I think it will be hard to persuade them to go back on the road! If we think logically, using all the technology makes sense. Why would anyone want to be driving all over the country for, maybe, an hour or two hour meeting when that meeting or training session can be done efficiently with no travel cost or time spent driving up and down motorways? Of course there are advantages to face-to-face meetings but perhaps it will be a matter of being selective in the future rather than automatically jumping in a car, with all the expense associated with that.”

In this clip from our own Zoom meeting, Chris shows how Framepoint® is used to sell products to a homeowner, how it can show windows and doors of all types on a house and be changed for style and colour, and that includes different colours both inside and out. If it is the salesperson’s choice, pricing can be shown immediately. Equally, if the desire is to send on a quote later, then no problem. Chris talks about the three kinds of salesperson – the Closer, the Sender and the Processor, and explains each philosophy and how Framepoint® is used for each different method of selling.

All well and good you may well say, but setting up the software with the different products and prices must be a mammoth job…that was certainly my reaction! But Chris shows that setting up the products and prices, as well as making changes whenever you want, is certainly not rocket science.

Framepoint® is a powerful selling tool, whether during a pandemic or in normal working life. It’s easy to use and has a ‘wow’ factor that can’t help but impress a customer.

Watching this video and listening to what Chris Brunsdon has to say may well make you think that Framepoint® will make your sales efforts easier and more efficient, and that applies to Closers, Senders or Processors!

“We’ve invested over a year of dedicated product development in making sure we can make pricing quick and easy for installers – however they choose to sell,” says Chris. “Our primary mission is to help installers save time, minimise error and wow customers – having mechanisms to price efficiently is a big part of that,” said Chris.

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