The new quote system from Force 8 now gives a full-scaled visual of your new door and frame including a complete breakdown of the specification. In the past, quotes have been based on the installer’s drawings and measurements, and sometimes the product has not matched up, due to the limitations of the product and the size of the entrance.

“The arched frames can cause problems, as the drawings coming through, show a square door with a perfect arched frame, when in reality we have to arch part of the door to make it practical, comments Dennis Sumner, managing director. “This can cause issues as the installer is referring to his own interpretation with the customer. The new system instantly gives the finished drawing to scale complete with the door, which they can show the customer and get approval”.

The new quote system combined with the new Force 8 Door designer makes a powerful sales tool, as the Force 8 designer is the only one to include arched frames.

“We have been perfecting our arched frames for the past 25 years, and pride ourselves on our method of bending, the new quoting system is the final part of the jigsaw”, comments Dennis. “The best way to demonstrate it is to try it out and get a quote from us”.

To find out more in regards to Force 8, visit their website here: or take a look at the new Door Designer:

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