Leading profile bending company Force 8, is constantly developing their innovative ideas and techniques to further improve their manufacturing capabilities. This enables them to create the perfect arch frames with matching arched composite doors, which can improve the appearance and aesthetics of even the most modest of homes.

Each Force 8 door is available with its own unique arched frame, which are manufactured in-house by Force 8, all are made to order to fit any specific entrance. Whether you want a simple arch or a more complex frame, Force 8 can combine their arched composite doors and arched frames to create the perfect entrance. This demonstrates how committed Force 8 are to continually improve their wide range of windows and doors.

Force 8 uses state of the art techniques, allowing for lengths of up to 6500mm to be curved in a single length during the manufacturing process. Depending on the style of the arch, this allows for welds and steel reinforcements to be used where it’s possible, creating the true radius of the arch. By using this process, allows Force 8 to design and manufacture arches and curved sections of any size to the correct measurements. This process is unique to Force 8 and offers a structurally stronger frame. The one-piece sash bend is fully reinforced, even through the curve and is available in VEKA Halo or a system 10 profile which are all in stock in the Hazel Grove factory.

Force 8 has also invested in a variable angle computer controlled double metre saw, which allows any shapes and sizes to be manufactured alongside angled and square frames. This process reduces material wastage dramatically, therefore increasing accuracy and production times. As Force 8 are constantly creating new innovative ideas, improving the quality of their arched products their manufacturing process is constantly evolving.

As arches are available on a range of Force 8 composite doors, this further extends the choice for the customer. Each door is available with a wide variety of colour options. Using colour GRP skins means you’ll never have to repaint your composite door – allowing this to be a maintenance free solution.

All arches and composite doors are manufactured in their Hazel Grove factory ensuring higher quality control checks are taken during the production process. With 30 years’ experience, Force 8 has the highest standard of expertise as some of their engineers have been working for them since the company was formed.

All of Force 8’s doors are available in a wood grain finish, and a range are available with their newly developed smooth finish, giving the impression of an aluminium door with all the thermal benefits of a composite door. If you were to purchase a real aluminium door, it would cost three to four times more than a Force 8 smooth composite door.

Force 8 have also recently developed the Versace door, which was based on a customer particular needs. The part arched composite door is set within a full arched frame, but is set off centre giving the entrance a contemporary edge. By listening to their customers Force 8 are able to develop new ideas and designs that people actually want, the first rule of business is finding out what your customer needs are, and then delivering them.

Furthering this, Force 8 have recently installed many arched composite doors locally to their factory, ranging from part arches to more complex designs; including an Oxford door in sliver grey with an arched frame. The overall design of the door gives a contemporary feel to a more traditional door.

The Surefire lock security system now features on the top ranges of doors from Force 8. This locking system features high security hooks which have anti-drill and anti-saw protection. The Latch bolts have been designed to ensure that the door will be in the correct position before the hooks engage into the keeps and should the door bow, this will prevent any side load pressure on the hooks during any normal lock operation. When you shut the door, this will engage the trigger and places all five locking points into the keeps and then when you use the key, the centre deadbolt will be thrown. To release, simply turn the key.

When choosing your arched composite door, there is the option of choosing from black heritage hardware; which gives an antique aesthetics to any modern and contemporary door. You can also choose the Blu 316 grade stainless steel hardware which comes with a lifetime guarantee and has been chosen due to its great resistance to corrosion even in the toughest conditions. There is also a further extensive range of door furniture available that gives a great impression due to the wide selection of colours. Each door is fitted with SFS 2D hinges, giving an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Force 8 is well known nationwide for their renowned unique profile bending and arched composite doors. To back all this up, Force 8 can deliver their products nationwide, so you are never far away from their amazing services and arched composite doors.

Remember to obtain your copy of the 2018 door collection brochure. This new brochure features 64 pages of Force 8’s expanding door portfolio which has the addition of new door designs being added, giving a wider option to choose from.

At the end of June, Force 8 will have added a door designer onto their website. Allowing you to easily visualise the design of your new entrance door before you even receive your door.

Don’t hesitate to contact Force 8 to discuss their many arched composite door options and how they can produce a design for you.

Tel: 0161 483 1997

Email: info@force8.co.uk

Web: www.force8.uk


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