Launched last month, AluK’s new C70S window system is designed to help AluK fabricators and installers win more business.

One of the key aspects of that is the fact that it offers completely flexible thermal performance. Instead of relying solely on the glazing and spacer bar to vary the U-Values, the C70S features clever foam inserts which mean the profile itself can be used.

This, AluK says, makes the system hugely attractive to commercial specifiers because they will be able to dial up or dial down the performance to suit not just the specification on each project, but the budget as well.

Sioned Roberts, AluK’s Marketing Director explains that it will be a big benefit for customers competing for business against other systems. She says: “AluK customers will be able to offer three different spec options and three different price points – massively broadening the appeal of the C70S but with minimal additional stockholding. It’s a really original and innovative approach, targeted primarily at the commercial market, but it can obviously be used in retail sales as well.”

There are three distinct modes in the new C70S – standard, partial and hi – depending on the number of foam insulation strips inserted in the profile. In hi mode, performance is an impressive 1.1W/m2K with triple glazing and 1.3W/m2K with double glazing, but if project demands are lower than that, specifiers can opt for standard or partial mode with fewer insulation strips to reduce their costs.

The AluK C70S might have variable thermal efficiency but when it comes to wind and weather performance, there is no room for compromise. In tests, the system has

achieved class-leading water tightness of 1500Pa, which is the highest you can achieve in a UK test house and more than double the industry standard of 600Pa. Air permeability is also an impressive 600Pa and wind resistance is 2400Pa, even with large span openings.

With the option to add acoustic glazing of up to 50mm in the TBT and open out variants, AluK says that the applications for the system are even wider than for its existing and still hugely popular 58BW window system. The C70S can be installed anywhere from exposed coastal locations to noisy, urban environments.

The innovation evident in the new system extends beyond just the foam insulation. Much of the design and development has been focused around making the system quicker and easier to fabricate and install than other light commercial windows in the marketplace, so that AluK customers fabricating the C70S can effectively increase their margins.

For instance, the C70S can be fabricated using either standard corner crimps or new, single-fixing mechanical cleats. These offer a real improvement on the dual fixings normally required and save valuable time in the factory. There is also a universal EPDM carrier groove for quicker and more reliable fitting of the EPDM strip and a clever clip in Z-adapter profile for reversed glazing fixed lights which doesn’t need a frame reverser.

This new AluK window is available in a wide choice of configurations including side and top hung casements and TBT windows. It has the same slim 89mm sightlines as AluK’s 58BW range, so customers will be able to mix and match the system to achieve a uniform aesthetic across a broad range of applications. It also has a range of ancillaries and couplers for installation alongside doors and curtain walling.

Both inward and outward opening windows have been successfully tested to PAS24 for security making the C70S suitable for all projects requiring Approved Document Q compliance.

It is available now from stock in grey, black, white and dual-colour variants, and other finishes and colours can be ordered on fast and efficient lead times direct from AluK’s vast, Covid-19 secure 350,000 sq ft Chepstow factory.

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