CPR1835 One of the first installations of the new REHAU run through sash horn at a traditional property in Windsor 1The first installation of a REHAU Heritage vertical slider complete with the new run through sash horn has rather fittingly taken place in the historic town of Windsor in Berkshire.

Fabricated by specialist trade fabricator CWG Choices and installed by Richard Savin Double Glazing, three vertical sliders have just been fitted alongside one another in a first floor flat conversion in a Victorian cottage.

Richard Savin chose the REHAU solution as the closest replacement for the three timber box sashes which were being replaced in the property because they had deteriorated beyond repair.

As an installer specialising in heritage type buildings, Richard Savin says his preference is always to respect the original architectural specification of a property and wherever possible to fit a replacement window or door which retains the integrity of the design.

At this Windsor property, Richard says that the REHAU Heritage vertical slider met the owner’s requirement for low maintenance and energy efficiency but also matched the sight lines of the timber box sash with the added authenticity of run through sash horns.

CWG Choices is one of the first fabricators in the UK to start manufacturing the REHAU Heritage vertical slider with the new run through sash horn and is now marketing what it believes is the ultimate window for heritage properties with full mechanical jointing, white foil finish and a WER A rating if required. The company also offers REHAU Heritage vertical sliders in cream, Golden Oak and Rosewood foils from stock.

REHAU previewed the run through sash horn at this year’s FIT show and now offers fabricators a choice of either add on or run through horn options in the REHAU Heritage system.