The GGF was delighted to hear of the Fire Resistant Glazing Group’s Installer Training Course nomination as a finalist in the G15 Awards in the category for “Training and Development Initiative of the Year”.


On hearing the news Giles Willson, GGF Managing Director commented, “This is very positive for all connected with the GGF and in particular those who have developed the course to this level over many years of hard work. It makes the G15 awards even more special this year for the GGF.”

GGF Training is currently running the Fire Resistant Glazing Installer Training courses for installers of fire-resistant glazing, not to describe how to carry out glazing but to give an appreciation of why best practice aspects are particularly important. It provides glaziers with a risk-based approach for avoiding mistakes, in line with the latest legislation; and prepares them with the explanations required in describing to clients, and those responsible for buildings, why important aspects require particular care and consideration.

The training development is effectively the glass and glazing sector’s response to Government following the 2010 Fire Futures review which signalled Government intent to take a step back in favour of encouraging the fire safety sector itself to take on greater responsibility for fire safety in practice.

The drive for the programme comes from the specialist Fire Resistant Glazing Group (FRGG), who recognised a need for the sector to promote the core elements of best practice for fire-resistant glazing, partly for better and more informed specification, partly because of disturbing developments from generalist contracting and jobbing builders in disregarding some of the most basic precautions and controls.

The FRGG has worked on the project for a few years because of the importance of installing fire resistant glazed systems correctly. The FRGG’s aim is for all those responsible for fire safety in a building and for companies in the wider industry to recognise the essential need for all fire resistant glazing to be installed correctly.”

The training has been developed to underline the specialist knowhow of the glass and glazing sector and demonstrate its leadership in establishing best practice in what is an important fire safety consideration in the public interest. The depth of knowledge and experience available in the UK through the GGF is of high standing concerning the behaviour of glass in fire and the technical development of fire-resisting glass and glazing. The GGF provides a unique single point of contact. That also includes input from career glass technologists who have detailed practical involvement in the standards and wider discussions concerning the fire safety principles applying to the design and use of buildings.

Rebecca Healy, Development Manager, GGF Training, commented, “As the facilitator for this unique course, GGF Training is pleased to be nominated as a finalist, but the real credit is with the GGF Fire Resistant Glazing Group who have developed this initiative for the specialist glazing trade to help build skills and knowledge in this important sector.”

Giles Willson added, “Almost two years ago the GGF Group formed GGF Training Ltd., to fill the huge training gaps in our industry. It is a great achievement for all involved, to be finalists in this category in such a short time. The Fire Resistant Glazing Installer Training Initiative also raises the standing of the sector by demonstrating a responsible and quality-conscious commitment to fire safety in buildings. Nobody else is providing this type of training and no other organisation has put together such impartial and independent supporting documents, with the depth of practical industry knowledge they contain. We are pleased the work has been recognised in the G15 Awards but most importantly, we are delighted the training is currently available to help the industry, to raise standards and the awareness of the importance of fire resistant glazing and its correct installation.”

To support the entry for the G15 Awards, GGF Training in conjunction with the Fire Resistant Glazing Group provided;

  • The Fire Resistant Glazing Installer Training Certificate Given to all candidates who successfully completed the course.
  • The Fire Safety Video                                                                                                           Fire resistant glazing – “Getting it right, or getting it wrong” – which shows the effective performance of a fire-resistant glazed door and screen when correctly installed, contrasted with the catastrophe that follows from an unsuitable door and screen.
  • GGF Standard for “The specification and installation of fire-resistant barriers containing glass for resistance against the passage of fire and products of combustion.” This is a key trade standard, containing summary sections that define the key considerations at each stage.
  • The development of a GGF accredited register of trained installers                        
  • This will be inserted into the GGF trade website in 2015
  • A PowerPoint training presentation                                                                          
  • Enabling distance webinars (e-learning) on the topic with full explanation of the Fire Resistant Glazing Group’s six point code of governing principles.
  • Awareness of the Fire Resistant Glazing Group’s six point code of core governing principles for all fire-resistant glass and glazing systems, covering:
  1. System Testing
  2. Installation
  3. Identification and Traceability
  4. Quality Control
  5. Third Party Product Certification
  6. Competency and Training

The G15 Awards and Gala Dinner takes place on Friday 27 November at Park Lane Hilton, London.

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To register your interest in attending a Fire Resistant Glazing course, please do not hesitate to visit the GGF Training website; . Specific details (dates, venues, costs, locations) can be found under the Course Search & Booking section with additional course dates and locations to be released shortly.