Brisant Secure offers the best in security, durability and smart technologies and Nick Dutton talks with Glass News’ Editor, Chris Champion, about the challenges and opportunities provided by the events of 2020.

Meeting up with Brisant Secure’s Nick Dutton on a Zoom link is certainly not the same as chatting face to face but, Nick, like so many others, has embraced the different way we do things now and is not letting the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ slow down Brisant’s already swift growth.

Whatever the application, technology has now become even more important for every business but was it difficult to get the sales force and everyone else to be comfortable with this changing world? Were people self-conscious having sales meetings over a video link or talking with customers and seeing and hearing themselves at the same time? Are there any downsides?

Nick looks back, reminding us of the days of pagers and chasing around to find a ‘phone box, and the first mobile ‘phones the size of beer crates. As ever, he’s amusing and well worth listening to!

So where is the company now in respect of products? Best known for Ultion – has it really been five years? 2020 was going to be the year of Sweet but Ultion Smart became the focus but, with that project completed, Sweet is the focus. Testing, having the trendy Rose Gold available, and Sweet with a 20 year guarantee against corrosion, is out in the market. You need to hear about the salt spray that Sweet was subjected to. A year in salt spray and Brisant were confident in offering a guarantee. But why not make that guarantee the headline grabber? There are good reasons.

Nick talks about the recognised standards for salt spray testing and argues that homeowners want hardware that will last as long as their door and not corrode or rot in a few years. And what of the carbon footprint of replacing a pitted letterplate? With installers, fabricators and hardware manufacturers all involved it’s an unwieldy supply chain and could involve replacing a faulty letterplate with the same again….with the same result! Brisant has the answer, not just with the guarantee but the fact that it’s between Brisant and homeowner. Now that makes sense.

How has the supply chain affected Brisant during 2020? Were they stocked up for Brexit and then found Covid intervened? What happened post 23 March? Stock must have been on the water and needing to be paid for on landing? And with the boom in sales after lockdown what has happened with stock since then?

What happened during lockdown and did Brisant maintain a presence, particularly for the locksmith market?

What happens now? Will the market remain strong? Will capacity prevent sales growth and which letter now represents the recovery…U? V? W? Nick reckons most of the alphabet has been used in describing the pace of the UK’s economic recovery .

Brisant Secure is very much into the Smart market and it is well worthwhile listening to Nick’s take on how smart technology is growing and the drivers behind it. But where does smart come when comparing the importance of security, smart or price where a homeowner is concerned? Where are product developments going? Is it a matter of upgrading or improving products and, when it comes to smart, do developments through firmware upgrades or apps mean that existing products benefit?

Brisant Secure set out to produce quality products, and products that help installers sell doors. If they charge an extra £20 to upgrade a door lock to Ultion that provides better security, or Sweet hardware that isn’t going to pit or rot, that extra money is but a pittance in percentage terms against the total cost of a new fitted doorset. A no-brainer, surely?


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