synsealThe Synseal Registered Installer business support package, which is sponsored in behalf of its members by their local supplying fabricators, is one of the most comprehensive marketing and sales development schemes ever devised for professional installers of windows, doors and conservatories. It includes an eye-catching SRI branded logo and helpful marketing materials such as van siders, professional retail sales literature, online publicity and directory listings and a wide range of practical advertising materials all designed to attract the interest of the homeowner and stimulate increased business. These selling tools are supplemented by access to the Synseal photo library, technical downloads, invites to attend new product installation training events, special promotions and discounted offers from trade association “benefit partners” including a series of digital support options that are all devised to assist lead generation.

The materials, features and benefits of this creative Synseal Registered Installer business support package are designed to allow members of the scheme to compete professionally, even against the resources of big direct-selling home improvement retailers.

That the Synseal Registered Installer Scheme is delivered through the company’s fabricator network is a crucial element, as it is designed to strengthen relationships between installers and their principal local suppliers. To benefit, installers must have a current purchasing relationship with a sponsoring Synseal or K2 fabricator or wish to apply for a new trading account, subject to approval by a sponsoring fabricator.

As an exclusive option, Synseal has partnered with leading trade association FairTrades to offer a special discounted membership subscription and provide a number of quality benefits which are of specific interest to installers. These include HomePro insurance backed guarantees; the government-endorsed TrustMark accreditation which requires checking of installed workmanship by the British Board of Agrement to provide reassurance to homeowners; and cost-effecive BM Trada self-certification for compliance on refurbishment jobs to save installers time and money.

Synseal’s Chief Executive David Leng had been contemplating such a programme for some time: “We have carefully developed our Synseal Registered Installer business support programme, looking at what a few other industry players have done quite well and also identifying some aspects that our rivals have poorly implemented in the past. We carried out detailed online market research in 2012 which confirmed that there was significant demand for Synseal to offer proactive support to installers. Using this feedback our aim was to put together the most comprehensive and effective installer scheme in the industry. The positive response since the launch in April this year confirmed that is exactly what we have done, and nearly 300 installers have now applied to receive our new SRI business support with approval of their local Synseal fabricators.”

Synseal’s Head of Marketing Mark Schlotel said the scheme was the logical next step for Synseal: “We have great products and have always offered highly innovative support options for our fabricator customers, including digital marketing expertise. But the SRI package now extends some valuable business support to our customers’ customers – loyal Synseal installers.”