Euroglaze, the Barnsley based REHAU trade fabricator, has built its 40-year reputation on quality and attention to detail.

A commitment to lean manufacturing and a Quality Circles philosophy embedded right across the business ensures that lead times are as short as three days on some products and there are close to zero QC rejections in the factory.

Bespoke IT solutions such as paperless ordering, delivery tracking and video imaging of ancillary packing already deliver significant benefits for customers, but a policy of continuous improvement means that new initiatives are being introduced all the time.

The latest IT innovation is ‘Eurostock’ which allows the Euroglaze Customer Service Team to give customers instant updates on stock availability as soon as their order is placed.

Rosie Brennan, the Customer Service Manager, explains how it works: “When customers place an order, the stock informer module we have developed notifies us instantly if any item on that order is not in stock and allows us to offer the customer an alternative straightaway. This might be, for instance, because certain items of hardware are out of stock with our supplier or, as happened recently, we don’t have stock of a particular colour of sash horn.

“Crucially though, it means that if an alternative is not available and any item on a customer’s order will be delayed, that customer has advance notification of that and can plan their own work schedule accordingly. It saves customers time, hassle and frustration and means they are better informed at every stage.”

As a direct result of launching Eurostock, Euroglaze has actually improved its own efficiency because no orders are ever passed to the shop floor which can’t be completed in full and it has reduced its own stock outages through improved stock monitoring and analysis. It has also been proactive in addressing any potentially long term shortages, with solutions such as custom spraying of white sash horns to any colour requested by a customer.

Eurostock also works with Euroglaze’s bespoke version of First Degree’s Window Designer software, ensuring that customers placing orders online receive the same stock information.

Euroglaze’s Managing Director Martin Nettleton adds: “Every fabricator knows that stock shortages are sometimes unavoidable when you are dealing with third party suppliers. What we are doing though is proactively ensuring that our customers are not impacted by those shortages and can organise their own workflows knowing exactly what will be in every delivery we make to them.”

Euroglaze supplies trade customers and third party stockists with a vast range of window and door styles in Rehau profile, including new composite doors featuring a Doorco slab. More details are at:


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