Epwin Window Systems has introduced an exciting new sales and marketing tool: an immersive 360º showroom tour that showcases its comprehensive product range.

Gerald Allen, Head of Marketing at Epwin Window Systems, said: “By leveraging the power of 3D technology, we now offer an immersive experience that allows our customers and prospects to explore everything our products have to offer.”

The innovative tour is accessible on the Epwin Window Systems website and its online digital portal, Connect. It’s a 3D digital twin of the company’s new showroom at its headquarters in Telford, Shropshire. The platform provides users with a 360 degree capture of the showroom, with the ability to click on each product and view detailed specifications. Users can also book an in-person tour that includes the showroom, extrusion and finishing plants, warehouse and distribution centre.

Gerald explains: “We know that businesses prefer to conduct thorough online research before reaching out to a prospective supplier. Our virtual showroom simplifies this process, allowing them to see the aesthetics and technical excellence of all our products in detail, anytime and anywhere. And when they’re ready to take the next step and visit in person, we’ve made that as easy as possible too.”

Besides benefitting prospective fabricators and installers, Gerald highlights how the immersive 3D tour will be useful for existing customers’ sales processes. He added: “The tour will be an invaluable sales tool for showing architects, specifiers and consumers how good Epwin Window Systems’ products look in situ.”

He continued. “Whilst nothing beats visiting our showroom in person, our virtual experience is the next best thing. It also extends the shelf life of any customer or prospect visit as they can go back and re-immerse themselves in the detail at a later date.”

Epwin Window Systems is renowned for its intelligent, value-added customer support. For example, its award-winning Connect platform has set industry standards by offering a 24/7/365 bespoke digital platform that provides comprehensive access to the wide range of benefits available to Epwin Window Systems customers. The 360º showroom tour is the latest testament to the systems company’s innovative approach to customer success.