Tommy Trinder, pioneers of Framepoint Technology®, have launched a range of features to make it easier for installers present the features and benefits of ‘timber alternative’ windows & doors.

“Customer experience matters when you’re selling at the top end,” says founder and CEO of Tommy Trinder,” Chris Brunsdon. “Being able to touch and instantly show clients the visual difference between a premium timber alternative window, compared to their cheaper counterparts is compelling and impressive. And, of course, ultimately it helps justify the higher price tag.”

The ability to touch and show pegstays, both working and dummy, is part of this latest release, and the range of traditionally styled ironmongery including teardrop, peardrop and shepherd’s crook handles has also been expanded. The collection of foils available to show off on Framepoint® is ever-increasing too; currently installers can set up their range from more than 230 finishes.

“Customers love to play with combinations of foil finishes and ironmongery options and see the results in real time; it’s fun and engaging and in step with the way consumers like to buy.”

In one touch installers can also switch between mechanical and welded joints, add deep timber look cills, and swap from standard to deep bottom rails on flush casement windows.

“Timber alternative customers are inherently concerned about getting the look and feel just right, which makes Framepoint® the perfect tool for the job. There are always plenty of oohhs and aahhs as homeowners see their new windows & doors come to life in full, photo-realistic detail. And when you overlay the client’s new windows onto an image of their home – it’s a real wow moment!”

Installers interested in discussing how Framepoint® can help sell timber alternative products can book a free demo at

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