Aiming to make it even easier for their customers to connect with potential prospects, Insight Data has added new, intuitive design features to STEM, their brand-new, integrated email marketing platform for Salestracker.

STEM users can now design and build email campaigns using the platform’s straightforward ‘drag and drop’ feature, easily complying assets, textboxes and calls to action to create powerful email marketing campaigns. Alternatively, users who are confident with coding can create their campaigns in HTML or use one of STEM’s dynamic email templates.

“STEM has been designed to help customers connect with prospects much faster and easier by delivering a powerful email marketing platform within Salestracker to take advantage of our unrivalled industry-specific prospect data,” comments Insight Data General Manager, Jade Greenhow. “Developing and enhancing our design suite is the next step in that commitment and allows users to build their campaigns with ease without any in-depth computing knowledge.”

Launched last year, STEM transforms how leading systems houses, fabricators and component suppliers reach potential customers. Instead of exporting data from Salestracker to use in a third-party email marketing platform, users can design, build, test and send campaigns from within Salestracker and then track any responses, leads or enquiries.

The addition of STEM now means Salestracker completes the hat-trick, combining an online prospect database complete with over 60,000 prospects from across the fenestration and construction industries, a powerful CRM system to manage enquiries and now a fully-integrated, email marketing platform.

Insight Data are the pioneers of real-time data which through an extensive seven-stage verification process provides the most up-to-date, accurate prospect data including key decision makers, suppliers and even credit ratings. Salestracker users can create bespoke data lists for their STEM campaigns from across Insight Data’s five databases including fenestration and glazing, house builders and even architects.

For a demo of Salestracker and STEM, contact Insight Data on 01934 808293 or via email at