CustomerInformationManualEmplas has launched a new easy-to-navigate online Customer Information Manual, bringing everything from product technical details to order forms instantly to the finger-tips of its customers.

Part of Emplas’ online portal, the Customer Information Manual, gives installers instant ‘jump-to’ access to everything they need to know about products and processes in a single resource.

This includes Emplas’ customer service and support, product and prices lists, technical detail, all the available sales literature to bank holiday deliveries and customer complaints procedures, all in a single document.

Mike Crewdson, Sales and Marketing Director, Emplas, said: “There are always those moments when you want to check that little something or other and can’t find the right piece of paperwork, document, or brochure and before you know it, you’ve lost half an hour looking.

“We know that that half an hour or so is a precious thing when you’re running a small business which is why we have pulled everything together into a single online resource which is dedicated to them and has been designed to be exceptionally easy to use.

“For example, if you’re out with a prospect and realise that you have forgotten to bring a printed copy of a brochure, as long as you have an internet connection, you can log in and in just two or three clicks, access it online.

“Alternatively if you have filled out your last order form you can download and print one – it’ all there waiting for you, just a couple of clicks away.”

CustomerInformationManualThe service has been launched by Emplas as part of its new Online Customer Portal, which in addition to giving installers access to new online resources, allows them to get instant quotes and place orders anytime and anywhere, via the web.

Once set-up, all they have to do is log-on from any web enabled device, for example PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, to access a secure quoting and order processing system.

This gives them instant access to an online ordering portal which allows them to input a specification, choose glass, hardware and furniture and then automatically applies their discounts, to provide an instant quote. Where an order is placed installers get an immediate Order Acknowledgement.

Crewdson added: “Online ordering gives installers full control of the order process. They can access it whenever they want – they can go out, price a job in the evening and if they win it, place the order that night.

“The Customer Information Manual gives them direct support to secure that business plus basic administration tools which will save them time in the office and give them back time to develop and chase down leads.”


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